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A Sketch of California Raisins?!?

I recently received a message via Facebook:

"You won't remember me...  I went to Sutton public, grades 4 & 5.  You gave me a drawing of yours of one of the California Raisins.  Anyway, I had moved around a lot growing up, ie. I was usually the odd kid out.  What you did, was something really nice that I always remembered.  Thanks."

Wow.  I felt so warm and fuzzy inside when I read that and was so so satisfied to know that my simple random act of kindness was carried throughout this boy's life. (By the way, I didn't remember him but I surely remember the drawing!)

Children are so incredibly kindhearted but it often goes  unnoticed because they have no egotistical need to have it noticed. Kids rock!

And I'm very very glad that he chose to contact me and tell me about it.  It's inspiring to hear it after all these years! 

It feels like a "hug a stranger" day today. :)  Thanks for letting me share!

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Removing Road Hazards On A Rainy Day

Nearly everyday, I drive on this road.

Today, however, it was storming and the wind was blowing and suddenly without warning there were several large branches in the road!

Many cars were just navigating through them (which was hard and dangerous) but one van stopped to move them.

Seeing this, I couldn't just keep driving.  So I pulled over, turned around and went back to help.  As I was walking back, I saw 3 other cars navigate not only around the branches now but also the man who stopped to help, just narrowly missing him!!! UNREAL!   He was doing a kind , civic deed, but people didn't seem to have patience for that too! 

Anyhow, both of us together quickly got the trees off the road.  Before we went on our way, he made sure to tell me to be careful up ahead since there may be more hazards on the road.

This young man and I got soaked, but it thoroughly warmed my heart to know that there are people out there who will do the right thing even if no one is appreciating them!

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