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White Box For A Road Construction Crew

Road crews are always out working, especially in the summer months.  While most of us groan when seeing the signs that say, "Road Work Ahead" or  "Be Prepared to Stop",  I saw someone use the opportunity to initiate a random act of kindness.

The stretch of of road I was traveling was under construction all summer, and this driver seemed to fit the "daily commuter" profile.  On this particular morning, as he slowly advanced from one flagger to the next, he stopped and handed them a white bakery box and a to-go style cup of what I guessed to be coffee or hot cocoa. 

Being a few cards behind this driver, I got to see first hand the reaction of the road crew workers as they enjoyed the unexpected treat and kindness.  What they usually get to see are the grumpy faces of drivers who didn't plan ahead and now find themselves possibly being late to wherever they're headed.  But here they were, feeling like a million bucks.

And all it took was a little pre-planning and a few  dollars!

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The Case of the Reappearing Blanket

Several years ago our oldest son was in a terrible car accident.  The head-on crash into a huge tree claimed one life and left five others critically injured. I still remember each mind numbing day we spent in the critical care unit watching him cling to life. Hoping and praying he would come through the TBI and resulting coma.  Trying to get any sleep in that enviroment was nearly impossible.  I went into the family only waiting area to rest while my husband accompanied him to imaging for another CAT scan. The air conditioning had made the small room like a freezer, but as I looked around I saw a plaid blanket draped over the arm of a chair.  I tossed it across my lap and fell asleep. When I woke, I took the blanket to the nurses station lost and found basket. The next time I went to take a nap I noticed it ... Read Full Story >>

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Dealing With An Empty Nest

Our son and his girlfriend of two years are heading back to college after surprising us by showing up to visit for a week.  I know that his budget is stretched to the max, and he won't be home for the holidays because of his busy work schedule in school.   Because we are close family, knowing that they won't be able to be with us over the holidays is tough. 

So, I  have been tucking little gifts, notes & treats into their carry-on luggage for them to find.  Some of the stuff is useful, some frivolous, some say "don't open til Thanksgiving, or Christmas as the case may be. 

Hopefully, those little pieces of my heart will help them not miss home, and the thought of them finding the little gifts might help this lonely mom feel less blue!

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