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Teaching Kids Spiritual Harmony

Aikido, translated as “the way of spiritual harmony”, is a Japanese martial art. While it is a powerful system of self defense, the greatest benefit of Aikido training is that it provides a means to better yourself and become a happier, more balanced person. There is a piece of calligraphy authored by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, that reads “True victory is victory over oneself”. This concept and Aikido itself is suitable for people of all ages. For the last year or so, I have had the privilege of being an assistant instructor for the “Kid's Self Mastery” classes at my dojo; helping to teach children ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old. The classes themselves consist mostly of games and exercises allowing the students to learn Aikido, teamwork, respect, kindness, and other skills in a way that's fun to them. They also have “Mat Chats” in which ... Read Full Story >>

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The Universe Provides Us With What We Need

Last night, I was about to pull out of the parking lot at the dojo where I study Aikido when I noticed a hitchhiker who was having no luck getting a ride.  I know that picking up a hitchhiker can be a dangerous endeavor but I have a hard time not doing so, as they may have a sincere need to reach their destination.  I rolled down my window and beckoned the man to my car.  I asked him where he was heading and he told me that he needed a ride to his doctors office which closed in 15 minutes.  I told him to hop in and he gratefully obliged.  Once he got in he continued with his story, telling me that the person who was supposed to give him a ride had a stroke earlier in the day (maybe I'm just gullible but he seemed sincere).  He continued to ... Read Full Story >>

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