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It Doesn't Stop With Umbrellas

I have a good friend, Tom, who keeps extra umbrellas in his car.  On rainy days he drives by bus stops and hands free umbrellas to anyone who needs one.  Yesterday, a young man knocked on my door.  He was canvasing the neighborhood setting up appointments for free window replacement estimates.  He stood far from my door and spoke carefully.  I knew why.  Despite much progress, stereotypes are still very real.  I knew this young African-American man was not getting a whole lot of doors opened in my neighborhood.   I opened my door wide and we chatted for a few minutes.  He visibly relaxed.  Before he turned around to leave, I noticed it was about to rain.  I asked him if he would be okay in the rain. He told me that he needed to finish out the block before he could return to his car which was parked several blocks ... Read Full Story >>

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Edy's Key Lime Fruit Bars

I recently saw the movie Stardust.  Claire Daines plays the part of a star that has fallen to earth.   Whenever she is happy, she glows.  I must have been glowing while I shopped at my local grocery store yesterday because I had a most unusual night. I'm fairly outgoing. I believe in the power of random acts of kindness, and I usually strike up conversations easily.  Tonight was different.  Tonight everything felt more "connected".   From the butcher who praised me for being the nicest customer ever ( I was patient as she filled my order).  To the young mother of two toddlers who seemed to thoroughly enjoy conversing with an adult (even if it was just about the the temperature of the freezer).  To the older gentleman who offered to help lift my heavy items into my car.  It was all delightful.  And then came the cherry on ... Read Full Story >>

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A Saved Voicemail Cheers Up A Friend

I knew a friend of mine was struggling with work, adult children moving back into the home, and a health concern about his wife.

Last week I called him and left him a voicemail letting him know that I was thinking of him and focusing on a positive outcome for him.

I spoke to him today and he told me that my voicemail brought him so much comfort that he saved it and when things get rough, he listens to it and cheers up.

I'm so humbled by his words and so very grateful that I took a moment to leave him that voicemail.  It got me thinking how sometimes we have impulses to reach out to another.  At times we follow through, sometimes we get busy and forget. 

After hearing his gratitude for my message, I realized I need to pay more attention to those impulses.  

Everyday, I read the stories on this website and I am so warmed by all the generous giving and grateful receiving. 

Thank you for the inspiration!

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Finding An Opportunity To Help Someone Deserving

I belong to a networking group that sends out daily emails about local events and member updates.  Occasionally, resumes will be sent on behalf of members seeking employment.  I always review these in case I can create opportunities for others.  My company is struggling, so I don't have any jobs to offer.  But, as is my habit, I read a resume that was recently sent out.  I have a part-time job creating resumes and can quickly detect a strong or a weak profile. Last week, I read a resume that had a couple of errors.  It was clear that the errors were due to a language barrier.  However, I was concerned that hiring managers would skip this woman's resume due to the errors. I emailed the lady and offered to help her spruce up her resume at no cost.  I think she was surprised, but she accepted.  As I worked on her ... Read Full Story >>

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Singing In Traffic

I have been studying the teachings of Rhonda Byrne (The Secret) and Wayne Dyer (Power of Intention) among others.  A theme that carries through both teachings is  "blessing others." I've started a new habit of singing on the way to and from work because I felt that there are lot of people who need blessings, especially while they are stuck in traffic!  I sing rather awfully, but the good intentions are there!  I sing to all the drivers around me, to all the employees working in the companies beside me, and to all the passengers in the planes flying above me.  I sing to everyone and even though I am not a songwriter, this is what I came up with: Calm is inside you Love is all around you It is already such a beautiful morning! Peace is inside you Smiles all around you It is about to be such a beautiful afternoon! Joyful surprises Laughter and Kindness It is going to be a beautiful day!                                                        ... Read Full Story >>

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