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Living on the 4th Floor

My Dad's company provided rental accommodations for its employees, usually in multi-level buildings.  We were on level 4. For two years, my Dad had been pursuing his application for a ground level house to make the climb easier for my mom who had suffered complications after her second delivery. She was advised bed rest and climbing the stairs everyday was difficult for her. As luck had it, just at that time, my Dad's ground level application was granted and Mum and Dad were thrilled to move in to the ground level accommodation in a separate building that was closer to my Dad's office.  Without wasting time, they did the big move the following Saturday and mum was very relieved & excited. The following Monday, when my Dad returned from work and was about to enter the house, he saw an old lady and her old husband struggling to bring a wheelchair down the stairs. He was shocked ... Read Full Story >>

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Lunch Breaks and Frustrations Take the Back Seat

I received my first delivery of 10 smile cards in post this week. A big thank-you to you all! Yesterday I got the chance to give my first smile card. I had to go to Centrelink - which is a governement body for Human Services in Australia. It was a hot afternoon and the Centrelink office was teeming with people. The time was 1:30pm and most of the staff members were away for (a much deserved) lunch break, so there was only one lady serving customers at the service desk. I took my number ticket from the machine and seated myself in the waiting area. It is a government office and the service is not exactly high class. People around me started complaining about the staff, some were laughing and joking at them, some were smirking and a few were even a bit abusive in their choice of words. I ... Read Full Story >>

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