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Generosity of a Homeless Man

I used to work at a warehouse that was down the street from a homeless shelter. It was right next door to a little gas station where they made breakfast sandwiches daily and I would walk over before my shift started and get a sandwich and a coke every morning. There was always someone or the other standing around outside asking for money to get something to eat. As a single mother I rarely had money to spare but sometimes I would give them my change until I noticed most of them would go inside and buy a beer with the money instead of food. I stopped giving out my change and just told them I didn't have any. One day as I was walking out of the store, I noticed an old black man who was obviously homeless.  However, interestingly, he was always wearing a nice suit and tie ... Read Full Story >>

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Life's Little Treasures

About a week ago, we were having record high temperatures (almost 80 degrees!!!) so I thought it would be nice to take my 6 year old son to the park to play since it would be a while before he'd be able to play outside again. The playground is covered in little pebbles surrounded by a chain link fence and they had just re-spraypainted the fence silver a few days earlier. At the bottom of the fence, all the pebbles had gotten spraypainted silver also and when my son saw the silver pebbles, he instantly called them "treasures" and started scooping them up into his pockets. I told him that they were pretty and then forgot all about it. On the way home, we stopped by a gas station so that I could get myself some coffee and get some juice for my son.  As we were walking away from ... Read Full Story >>

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