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Remembering the Feeling of Being Lost as a Kid

I was in Macys a few days ago with my mom, aunt, and my sister. Usually, I am one of those people who does not like to go shopping with my family.  I get all grumpy and get in a bad mood. However, I decided this time to suck it up and join them. My aunt and I were looking for some things to buy for our family when I noticed two chairs on the side.  One of them had a little girl sitting on it with her family nearby and the other one was empty.  So, I decided to sit down.  While I was doing my own thing, I noticed that the family was not in front of the girl anymore. I saw the girl get up and look around for her family. She came back and I saw her in tears, crying. I knew that she lost her family and ... Read Full Story >>

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No-Violence Week to Spread Smiles

At my high school, we have yellow ribbon week. It supports no-violence. I told my school advisor about the smile cards, and she got all excited and decided to make a bulk order of 1,000 cards for our school to pass out when people come to the table and get their wristbands and pledge no-violence. It made me smile that I am now going to make a difference by helping these cards be spread around my school. Hopefully those people will spread it around to other people and their friends as well.

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