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A Mother's Legacy Of Unconditional Love

As I entered womanhood, Mom sat me down and told me that no matter what happened and no matter what I did, I could always come home. Because of what those words meant to me, I said the same thing to my sons.  My childhood was filled with affection—lots of kisses, lots of hugs, lots of spoken I love yous. I never wanted for physical affection, and because of what that affection meant to me, I gave the same thing to my sons.  I grew up in a home where love was openly talked about and warmly expressed. I can still picture myself in my attic bedroom, sitting on my bed and fuming at my parents. They had been mean to me and were totally unreasonable—at least that was my evaluation of the situation. They hadn't understood that I was a teenager and should be allowed certain freedoms. With eyes closed, lips ... Read Full Story >>

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Uncle Unconditional

I went to visit my parents this past holiday weekend. During the trip, we went to visit my ailing uncle. He was in the hospital due to a heart attack. It was the second heart attack he had in the last four months and this time the doctors said it is really quite serious. The whole family has been wishing him thoughts and blessings of healing since he is the eldest one in our family and particularly because we hope he can live to see his son's upcoming wedding which is scheduled for next month.  As I looked at the situation with all of its uncertainty, I began to think about the life this man lead. He is 60 years old. He has spent his whole life teaching low-income inner city school children whose families are primarily broken, that these youngsters have hope, because hope is priceless. When I went to see him one last time before I left to head back to my home, I brought my uncle a fruit basket with ... Read Full Story >>

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A Cup of Kindness

   They have introduced a coupon system in my workplace for coffee where we have to produce a coupon to get coffee. And we must collect the coupon booklet from admin people on the first of every month.    Yesterday i went to collect the coupon from our cafeteria on the 9th floor and then went to 2nd floor where the coffee machine is to grab a quick cup of coffee before starting my day at work. As i was waiting for the lift after getting the coffee I saw a senior person about the age of 50 being informed by the attendant that he could not have coffee without the coupon. And he had to go to the 9th floor to get the coupon and then come down again for coffee. But then it would be late for him to start his work since we have strict reporting time in our ... Read Full Story >>

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Turning a Security Guard's Frown Into a Smile

I am new to and have been reading the stories on this site for the past week only.   They have inspired me to get over my hesitations and have transformed me into a lively and compassionate human being.  I find myself helping people in small ways which I had never thought of before. I live in an apartment and since I work night shifts, I usually come home late everyday around 3 o'clock in the morning. The security person typically opens the door in a gruff manner -- in fact, I had never seen him smile either to me or anyone else.  I said thank you everyday when he opened the door and he would just nod his head. Then one day, when I finished work, I felt hungry and decided to get some biscuits and hot puffs (I'm used to eating at unusual timings because of my work timings).  When I reached the apartment, he opened the gate as ... Read Full Story >>

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A Special Anniversary Gift

My fiancee's birthday and his parents' wedding anniversary happens to be on the same day. I got him some expensive sports shoes, which I know he's been wanting for a long time.

I thought hard about what gift to get for his parents. In the past, I have gotten them things which they liked, but this time I wanted to do something different.  I decided to sponsor breakfast for 100 children at the children's home where I always go on behalf of them.  On that day, the children and staff said a prayer for my fiancee's parents and called them and wished them well. They were really surprised and happy.

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