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Leaving Sweet Treats

I have been "tagging" at work, which is very easy since I work late and everyone else is gone by the time I leave.   The people at work  have begun to pass it on to others, as well.  We work in a kitchen at a college so to say it is stressful is an understatement. These kids eat alot!  Our  work space is very tight and crowded in the kitchen , which is one reason I work later.

I've been leaving tea and mugs with candy with a card for a sweet treat.  Others I have heard have copied this idea and it has become like a game. Only one person was annoyed. I was so surprised when I heard that someone had reached out and this person was annoyed because she now felt like she had to do this.

I guess you can't expect everyone to feel the way you do when you give , but it is good to know that others have gotten the positive out of it.

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Making Someone's Day In A Technical Way

My laptop had been out of commission for a while and I knew I had to get it over to Best Buy to have it looked at. I had been putting it because I was worried about how much it might cost me. I got to Best Buy and was waiting in line watching other people getting their computers checked out and hearing the amount they'd have to pay, I was getting sick! Finally, I got up to the counter and I explained what was going on with my laptop. Within 5 minutes Greg had it up and running and connected to the internet. He told me I was set, and there was no charge. I was shocked! I offered a tip and he refused. I offered to buy him lunch. Again, he said no. Finally I said, "What about a bagel? Everyone loves bagels." Greg responded with a smile, saying, "Bagels are awesome." I left the store and went to the ... Read Full Story >>

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Getting Pampered And Showing Our Thanks

My friend and I went to a local spa this weekend and got pampered, something we had  been looking forward to for months.  I got to talking to the towel girl there and thought how this must not be so much fun for her watching everyone come in and out and having to pick up after them.

I realized then how hard all the women work there not getting pampered themselves. Then I remembered my stash of goodies all bagged up with smile cards ready and waiting in the car.  I always keep bags ready to go with stuff from bath and body. I wrote all the ladies names down and handed them out.  Each one was quite suprised.  I  was glad that I could give something back to the women who had made us feel so good.



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A Knitting Kit for Someone Who Lost Everything

A few of my friends and I belong to a knitting and crochet group.  Recently one of the older members had a fire in her house and lost everything. I went home and dug out an extra knitting bag filled it with needles and notions and passed it on to her through another member of our group. 

After a month of not seeing her,  Marcia came back to our group and gave me the biggest hug.  She said she couldn't believe that I had given her the bag and needles.  At the meeting she stocked up on yarn and was happy  to be getting  back to making things again.   I  know she has lost so much, but it  was nice to see her happy about something that she loves and enjoys doing. 

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No Kindness Is Too Small

I was at Walmart today and talking to the cashier. She said she could use a caffeine boost, and since there was a McDonalds in the store, I went and got her a large coffee. She came around the register to give me a big thanks and a hug. The smile on her face was worth it.

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Cookies On The Go

A good friend of mine called yesterday saying that she was going to make cookies for a party at work, but didn't feel like starting the process.

Being a baker, I always have cookie doughs mixed in my freezer, ready for a quick thaw and bake. So out they came, six varieties . I grabbed cookie sheets , parchment paper , scoops, a box and set off to my friends house.

She was quite suprised to see the stash of goodies in my hand. Later the next day my friend told me the cookies were a hit. Everyone always makes fun of me for being prepared, but this time it really paid off and I was so glad to help!

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Knitting A Friendship

I belong to a knit and crochet group at my church and I'm always surprised at what people can do with a skein of yarn.      
Recently we have added a few new members and I had noticed that one of the ladies, who does such beautiful work, always carried her yarn projects in a small paper shopping bag.
When I got home, I went through my closet and found a brand new bag that would be perfect to store projects in, with lots of pockets for needles. I filled it with yarn from my stash and crochet project cards, then placed everything inside along with a Smile card.
I waited for her to arrive at the next meeting and, sure enough, she arrived carrying her paper shopping bag. I went over quietly and handed her the new bag saying that I found it in my closet and thought of her. She was so happy and kept saying, "But it's not my birthday!" 
I was glad I was able to see her reaction since normally when I tag someone I don't get to see the look on their face. It was a good moment for both of us!

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