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The Security Guard's Idea!

Ten years ago, I was dissatisfied with my job working as a Vice President at a bank.  Often, due to my standing as Vice President, I'd watch someone greet me respectfully but then turn around and respond dismissively to a fellow employee.  In reaction to this obvious inequity, I made it a point to be even more respectful of individuals who were below me on the corporate ladder.  One of these individuals was a security guard who oversaw the parking lot of the building where my office was located.  This man was consistently gracious to everyone and it was easy to think of him as a friend. During this time, I had 2 dogs, one of which was very old, blind, deaf, and  had a bad heart.  I couldn't leave him at home alone so I began sneaking him and my other dog into my office every day.  The security guard, ... Read Full Story >>

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Doggie Day Care

One of my pleasures has always been to make friends out of people I encounter on a regular basis.  This has sometimes led to wonderful unexpected gifts beyond the obvious happiness of setting up outposts of friends.  10 years ago, I was a "career professional" working as a programmer in a bank.  Like many people, I was unhappy in my job, feeling completely unfulfilled, and occasionally having anxiety attacks about my life passing by without meaning. Banks have a strange corporate structure, doling out the title of "Vice President" rather liberally to miscellaneous positions of middling authority.  My job had been bestowed with this aggrandizement.  It not only seemed ridiculous to me, but became a source of irritation when I'd watch someone greet me respectfully, then turn around and respond dismissively to a fellow employee.  In reaction to this obvious inequity, I made it a point to be even more respectful towards ... Read Full Story >>

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Circle of Support for an Elderly Neighbor

A few years ago, I met an older gentleman while I was out walking dogs.  His dog was always out in his front yard so we got to know one another as I would pass by.  At the time, his wife was undergoing dialysis at the end of a lifetime of diabletes and I offered to care for his dog on the days he had to take his wife to the doctor.  That became a regular thing and eventually, when his wife passed away, we had become friends. This man had no children or close relatives and did not know his neighbors well.  Consequently, the loss of his wife hit him even harder than this kind of tragedy ordinarily would have.  Since my work hours were (and are) very very long, I could only spend a little time with him, so I started talking to his neighbors when I would see them ... Read Full Story >>

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While Yet There Is Time

Many years ago when I was in college, I came across this very inspirational poem: While Yet There is Time   The hours slip past, Our moments melt into the eternity behind us Time sweeps us onto a destination from which there is no return. While yet there is time, Look out upon the world, Devour it with your eyes, And if your spirit demands more Add at least one stone to the edifice being built Fill your lungs with the smell of flowers, Let the first cool breath of dawn blow through your hair While yet there is time Let us greet the dawn together, While yet there is time, Love and be loved, Let your thoughts throw light in dark places, Let your lips blossom in a smile. While yet there is time, Let the hand of a friend feel the warmth of your hand, How much we have to do, to create, to express. While yet there is time Graft a slender bough to a mighty tree Do not say I love to ... Read Full Story >>

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Every Little Thing Matters

I wonder how many dozens of little acts of kindness we'd find if we really looked back at the end of each day? Do we have a good friend we check in with each day?  Each time we come to a 4-way stop, we often wave the other car through first.  And when we respectfully stop a few feet back from the crosswalk as someone passes, rather than stop right at the edge, the walker feels respected  and safe. Someone at the checkout stand drops a dime and you bend down and pick it up and hand it to them. You pick up one piece of trash on the sidewalk and place it in a garbage can. You're walking your dog and have an extra bag to pick up that poop someone else left behind. You wash the dishes one night instead of leaving them for your spouse - whose "job" it is.  You take your own bag to the ... Read Full Story >>

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Touching Hearts With Words and Actions

On Saturday, I took my car to the drive-through wash.  When you come out the end, there is an attendant who hand-dries the car.  Normally, the person doing this is minimally friendly, but on this day the man on duty was VERY friendly.  He was smiling broadly, handling all the little details in a charming take-charge manner, and making jokes.  I was amused, thinking "he's doing this to get a tip", but I realized that I really enjoyed it.  And I went forward with my day feeling better than before I encountered this man. Later, after loading my groceries into my car at the market, I was about to roll my cart back to the store. I was thinking "sheesh, this WOULD be a day I parked extra far away. It sure would be nice if someone going in would want this cart and I could give it to them" - when right then an older gentleman ... Read Full Story >>

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Just A Little Boost

My good-willed but completely overwhelmed sister-in-law  has 2 dogs which got loose a couple of months ago and were picked up by animal control.   When she bailed them out of the shelter, she was mandated to get rabies vaccinations and send proof to the city by a certain date. Typically, she let this slide until the city sent her a threatening follow up letter and began leaving notes on her door.  Instead of just dealing with it, she reacted with anxiety and did nothing - not even open the letter from animal control. Of course this made her even more anxious.  But no amount of encouragement or warnings my husband or I gave her seemed to be able to move her to take any action.   I was afraid the city might do something drastic and create even more severe problems for someone who already could barely handle her current situation, so I finally decided to contact animal control myself and explained that I ... Read Full Story >>

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Unblocking a Traffic Jam

I was driving to the store in the evening when it's frequently back-to-back traffic on the narrow street I like to take.  This night was even worse than usual, but since it was dark I couldn't tell what was going on until I got right up on top of the problem.    There was an old car which had apparently conked out and since there is only one lane going in either direction, every one behind him was stuck.  The on-coming lane was thick with it's normally heavy traffic and none of them was giving any of the blocked cars a chance to enter their lane to go around the dead car.   When I was able to edge forward far enough to turn onto a side street, I parked and ran over to the driver of the stranded car and told him I would help.  I waved to the cars behind him (since the car was going uphill) and got them to ... Read Full Story >>

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