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Daily Homework

I am a recovering alcoholic.  Years ago I went into a hospital because of depression.  My life was a mess, my husband wanted a divorce. My daughter was doing drugs.  Everything in my life was coming apart including me. My girlfriend's father came to see me.  He was a big, barrel chested Irishman, who loved wearing Nike sweatshirts that said "JUST DO IT".  Upon my release from the hospital, he began to take me to AA meetings, and we would meet for coffee, or go to his house where he and his Alcoholics Anonymous member wife slowly helped me back to life. They gave me a homework assignment.  I was to stand in front of my mirror and look into my eyes and say, "you are a beautiful person, you deserve a good life, I care about you, I love you".  He said, "JUST DO IT". Every night he would call at ... Read Full Story >>

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Learning Life Through a Garden

   Years ago in Connecticut I began a garden.  I have always found growing things a wonderful form of therapy for me.  I was in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction and had begun to look at my spirituality.  I had a hard time back then turning things over to something bigger than me.  Most especially I was angry at my daughter for not having sought recovery from her own addiction, and the kind of life my grandson was exposed to.     One day, I just started a garden bed, and then another.  I wound up surrounding our land with gardens, and in doing  that, found out that I couldn't control lots of things.  I planted stuff the deer didn't like to eat, and then there were some insects I began to try and deal with.  There was too much rain, or not enough, rabbits, squirrels, you name it.    Of course, anyone who gardens ... Read Full Story >>

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