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Pay-It-Forward Massage Therapist

Since I joined this website last week, I was mulling about how to incorporate acts of kindness into my life as a regular practice. I was truly inspired! I am a massage therapist and have my own practice. What I decided to do is to no longer keep my tips; instead, I would use that money towards giving someone a free massage. For instance, I charge $75/hour. When there is $75 worth of tips given, I will offer someone in need -- who cannot afford the massage otherwise -- a free one. Well, no sooner had I hatched this plan that a client called me and said she had to cancel based on financial difficulties. Guess who got the freebee?!? The beautiful thing is that this woman just lost her father and is in a ... Read Full Story >>

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A First Class Delivery of Generosity

I was recently at the Post Office. I walked in and saw the line, it was all the way to the door. Normally, I would have come back later but a voice in my head told me to just be patient and it would go quickly. I got in line and was immediately drawn to a conversation at a side counter between a Japanese woman and a postal worker. There was frustration in the clerk's voice as he said, "You'll either need to come up with the cash or find a card that works." She was trying to use the same card several times and was obviously distraught. I wondered how much cash she needed and then  heard the man say, " Look, you need $16.34 in cash or a debit card that works." I couldn't resist and pulled $17 from my wallet and placed it in front of the woman ... Read Full Story >>

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