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Whole-Hearted Generosity From Those With Very Little

This is a story about the kindness of the rickshaw pullers in North India.  Rickshaw pullers are some of the poorest people in India and they work extremely hard.  People sit on a carriage and the rickshaw pullers transport them by pulling the carriage manually (or sometimes with a bicycle).  I recently suffered a knee injury and needed to go to physiotherapy every day. I was unable to walk much, so I had to use a rickshaw puller to take me there, wait for me and then bring me back.  This was usually the only time I would leave the house each day and so I would use these trips to get all the stuff I needed like medicines, milk, fruit, etc.  As I couldn't really walk much, I had to ask the rickshaw pullers if they could take care of these errands for me.  Everyday, on the way back from physiotherapy, I would ask the rickshawpuller to stop by the market and request him to the get ... Read Full Story >>

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Short Walk Of Inspiration

Hey KS friends, You succeeded in inspiring me. Today, when I went out, I made it a point to get off at the bus stop where the homeless man (from  my earlier post) sits. Right at the bus stop, I found another old man in rags. I went ahead to buy him some cucumber slices. I bought an orange juice for myself but thought would give this to him as well, because it was hot. When I approached him, he started asking me to have these myself. He repeated 3 times. Whoa!! Even though being on the road himself in this heat, he is thinking about me :) I hadn't taken lunch, so I felt l cared for. He finally had the juice and I was all smiles. Walking further I met the same homeless man, who is handicapped and sick. I had posted his story here and received encouragement. I purchased sugarcane juice, (1 ... Read Full Story >>

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