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For Your Time, Effort And Smiles, Thank You!

Today I received my very own set of Smile Cards from Yay! I opened my envelope with great excitement and found my promised ten cards along with a larger card with ideas printed on it. Immediately I started planning my next kind act – the cards truly have an inspiring effect! It was then I realized the value of these cards and of websites such as Not only does it inspire you, but receiving these cards, knowing that there are others out there with the same aim to be kind to others as I myself have, really made me smile! And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? In other words, the Smile Cards have already done a great deal: they made me smile! And in the future I hope each and every single card I hand out will make someone else smile too. I’d like to thank HelpOthers for offering ... Read Full Story >>

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Saying 'Thanks' at a Finnish Post Office

   Living in Finland yet not speaking any Finnish has forced me to use English quite a bit. Finland is, officially, a two-language country though; the people of Finland are required to learn Swedish in school (which happens to be my mother tongue). However, only a very small minority of Finns actually speak the language beyond school level.    Upon a trip to the post office earlier today, where the staff has name tags with little flags representing the languages they speak (usually Finnish only, but in some cases also English and Swedish), I was fortunate enough to be attended by a staff member who, according to the tag, spoke all three languages. Still, I wanted to be sure. Sometimes the sign means they’ve studied the language, though it doesn’t necessarily mean they actually understand it.   I asked her – in Swedish – if she spoke the language. The answer ... Read Full Story >>

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