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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

This story started many years ago, when I was in the 5th standard at primary school. I was at a girls' school and our teacher made all the girls in the class sit next to someone different everyday. It was great when you got to sit next to one of your dear friends, but very boring when you had to sit next to someone you didn’t like. I hated sitting next to Madhuri. I didn’t like her because she always fought with me.   On one of the days that my teacher had paired Madhuri and me to sit next to each other for the day, I noticed that she seemed very anxious. I asked her what was wrong. She wasn’t very forth coming to start with, but eventually, after for a long time she told me that she had two sisters and one younger brother in her family and that her father ... Read Full Story >>

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Sweets and a Dozen Bananas for an Old Woman

My mom went to the vegetable market today. It was crowded, very hot and quite chaotic.

My mom was standing next to an old women selling vegeatbles. The old woman had difficultly hearing and so people were taking advantage of this to buy vegetables from her at very low prices. She was totally at a loss since she was very old she was not in state to fight back with people.

My mom was appalled by this and said to the people buying vegetables from her "can`t you see this old woman is very confused? She can't hear very well and is not strong enough to be able to fight with you.  You are taking advantage of her.  Don't you have any kindness?"  The people didn't pay attention, they just walked away without saying anything.

My mom felt a lot of compassion for the old woman.  She asked the old woman whether she wanted anything to eat. The old woman refused.  My mom  bought some mittai (Indian sweets) and a dozen bananas for her anyway. The old woman was so happy to receive this. She hugged and kissed my mom many times and she kept on saying "thank you" over and over again.

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Helping the Unreached During Floods

Two years back, due to heavy rains in our city there were floods everywhere.The city was covered with water everywhere. Roads were blocked. Highways were also blocked. People travelling were stuck due to floods. They had no food, no water and no safe shelter. The condition was simply terrible. The people living close to the highways helped each and every passenger suffering due to these floods. As per their budget they manged to provide them food. Some of them lent their homes for these passnegers. Each resident tried their best to help their fellow mankind. Near the highway there was a small dhaba/resutaurant.  The owner prepared rotis and sabji (tortillas and vegetables) and packed it and distributed it to the passengers suffering from the floods. The passengers were so thankful of the help received from the citizens. In our city, an organization collected grains, vegeatbles, old clothes and all the necessary basic needs from the public and distributed them to those suffering. My family also ... Read Full Story >>

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The Special Way She Celebrates Her Birthday Had her Friends Wanting To Do The Same

I love my very close best friend who is very generous, kind, loving, caring, and helpful. She is always helping out people in need. Her profession is a lawyer,  but she is very kind at heart and very humble as a person.

Every year on her birthday she visits an orphanage  and gifts the little ones with some toys, some eatables, or sometimes what they really are in need of.

This birthday she made a promise to share her kindness act with her friends in their circle meeting. Her friends all decided to celebrate their birthdays in the orphanage and gift the children with various snacks! So now, on every members birthday, they come together to spread joy and love to those children who really want someone to love them.

There are almost 380 children in house. My friend does every bit she can to help the needy.  Maybe we could also promise to celebrate our birthdays with orphaned children. We could love them and bring more smiles to their faces. Anyone care to join us?

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Not Just My Maid

Today the temperature was too hot. My maid came up late for work, and when  I asked her the reason she said her mother was ill and she had to admit her to the hospital. She was very exhausted due to hot weather and  her hectic schedule. I offered her cold juice and then she said, "Madam, it's ok, I'm fine. There is no need of it." I replied "there is a need for this juice you are  thirsty and you need this energy drink". She drank then went to do her household chores. After completing her work she was about to leave, I called her and offered rice plate with dal. Again she refused - actually she is a very shy person.I knew she was hungry too. She ate with tears in her eyes.I told her "don't worry your mother will be fine as she is taking treatment and if there is ... Read Full Story >>

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Back To School With Joy

Since the schools have started, my children are excited to go to school with new bags, books, clothes and to a new class. As parents, we too are excited for our children. But I thought, what about the  children who barely manage to have two  meals a day. I know such a child whose parents work very hard for those two meals a day. Although government schools provide free education, the school essentials are not taken care of. So, I bought some useful school essentials like a bag, stationery, books, lunch box and water bottle, crayons box for the  boy  I knew. He was very excited to get all the new things because, he had always used  broken and used items since he was born. Happiness is what mattered for me. It brought joy to both of us!   ... Read Full Story >>

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