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Teaching My Daughter Through A Real-Life Experience

One day I had my youngest daughter, Lauren, out shopping and running errands with me. We were rounding the corner of a fast-food place to pick up something quick to eat, a rare thing for us. There was what appeared to be a homeless man, maybe 65 or so, who had a couple of dogs on wire leashes. He wasn't begging, but he smiled and waved at us. Once we picked up our food, I drove back around and asked him how he was, and said his dogs looked as though they really loved him. He said indeed they all loved each other, then said something like, 'I lost about everything in a fire a few months ago (a building he was squatting in) except for these guys, and I have all I need. But I sure do miss my Bible.'  I smiled and waved, and told my daughter that we ... Read Full Story >>

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A Grand Gift From An Unexpected Friend

One day I went into a shop for a specific sort of metal polish. The bowl I needed to polish is made by Nambe, and I had inherited it from my mother. While I was in the shop, I saw an older woman looking around at things, and thought I would begin a conversation to liven things up. We hit it off and were showing some of the handcrafted items to each other. She said she was in the shop to purchase a wedding gift for a nephew, whose wedding she wouldn't be able to attend. We wandered off seperately and wound up together again at the cash register.  I commented on the beautiful bowl she had chosen, and how lovely so many of the items were. She asked what I was purchasing, and I showed her my tube of polish. I said I might buy more of the Nambe items when ... Read Full Story >>

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