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Spreading Love on Labor Day

On Labor Day last year my husband went out for a meal at a restaurant.  After we had finished, I asked him if he'd ever given a waiter/waitress a 100% tip.  He gave me this funny look (probably because he was thinking about how much our dinner added up to be!) and said he hadn't. I said that since it was Labor Day and our waitress was working this holiday, it would be fun to give her a 100% tip and see what her reaction would be.  He told me I was crazy but agreed anyway! Our dinner bill came to $32.18 so that's the exact tip we left, $32.18.  We tried to hand her our dinner bill folder but she kept telling us to leave it on the table and she would get to it.  So we left and we never got to see her reaction. I wondered off and on, and still do to this day, what ... Read Full Story >>

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Creative Coupon Kindness

I've always disliked throwing away the coupons that I will never use (diapers, baby wipes etc.). To me, it feels a little like throwing away money. So I decided to take those coupons to the store with me yesterday along with my wrist tape dispenser.  I would tape the coupons I wasn't using to the product in hopes that someone could use it and I wouldn't have to throw them in the trash.  

I got to the diaper aisle and taped a wipe and diaper coupon to the diaper box.  As I moved my way down the diaper aisle, I noticed a mother with her young son putting the exact wipes in her cart.  Then I watched her put the exact diapers in her cart as well.  I walked over and took the taped coupon off the other box and handed it to her along with another diaper coupon that I hadn't yet taped.  She was so surprised and happy since she had left her coupons at home that day. 

One of my coupons was $5 off a Swiffer system.  I could only image the face of the person that found that one taped to their new purchase !! 

So, from now on, I am going to be the coupon fairy and share what I get with others.  

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