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Unexpected Thoughtfulness of a Stranger

A couple of years ago, when my son was just starting to toddle, I found myself at the local Sunday bootfair.  My son and I were wandering up and down the field, when we saw a table that had some toy cars on.  I said to my little boy that since he had been such a good boy, he could choose one of the 50p cars and I would buy it for him. After some deliberation, he chose a car and it was only when I went to pay that I realised that I had 46p or a £10 note.  I tried to pay with the £10 and the lady asked if I had anything smaller.  I tipped out the 46p into my hand and said that it was all the change that I had.  The lady at the stall only gave me a glance as I held it out to ... Read Full Story >>

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Thankful for a Mother-In-Law's Advice 9 Years Later

When my husband and I became engaged some nine years ago, I felt slightly perplexed when my mother-in-law  offered us the following advice: "Be kind to each other."

I thought that was so obvious at the time, but over the years it has stuck with me and I have realised that it is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.

It is all too easy to take our nearest and dearest for granted and not show them the appreciation that they deserve.

I recently thanked my mother-in-law (mummy 2, as she prefers to be called) for those words.  It was nine years late, but I always think: better late than never. I told her just how much I still appreciate her words of wisdom that she shared with us all those years ago. I could see that I made her day too! :)

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A Valuable Lesson About Caring

Yesterday, when I was walking through town, I saw Marcus, our local Big Issue seller.  I mentally kicked myself for not remembering to bring a snack for him.

I was tempted to pretend that I hadn't noticed him and walk quickly by in the hope that he would not see me.  I felt that if I didn't have anything to give him, I should not stop.

As I approached him, I realised that I could still show him that I care, even though I didn't have anything to give him.  I called out his name as I approached and we passed some pleasantries about the weather, books, etc., for just a couple of minutes.

I am so glad that I did stop.  He responded very well to me and taught me a valuable lesson.  Next time, I  try to remember to take something for him, but from now on I will always make sure that I stop to chat and listen even when I have nothing other than care to give to him.

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