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A Book Brings a Smile

Yesterday I went for my son's karate class. I waited for him  two hours. As I sat there and read books I saw a lady who works there. She is a Filipino.  Most who work here in Kuwait are away from their families and all alone. She was just siting on a chair minding the kids gym, going through the snaps in her mobile. Something told me to ask if she loved to read. I dismissed the idea a few times then went ahead and asked her. She said she used to read but now she doesn't have the time because she works, goes home,eats and sleeps. I told her I would give her a book.  She asked if she could take it. She looked very happy. I said yes and told her she could read it during her spare time rather than just sitting there. She started reading the book, which was Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

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