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A Professor's Unforgettable Motto

I was priviledged to join a college which not only created an environment for attaining professional qualification but also ensured that each and every student left the college an all-rounded individual. Most of the colleges in my country were commercially oriented and students tended to come in, have their lectures and off they went.  The lecturers in the college I attended always embraced higher ideals and many of the kids coming straight from high school would dread this college on the basis that it was strict. It was no bother to me anyway and I often looked forward to my college days. One of the lecturers, in particular, captured my attention most, not because of his tutorial skills but by the way he would always walk and leave no dirt or paper behind him. He would always bend over and pick any piece of paper lying on the floor and throw it to the nearest dustbin. On ... Read Full Story >>

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Looking for Ways to be Kind to Strangers

Over the weekends I often find myself leaving home at around 9:00am. I find it hard to stay indoors on a Saturday, so I either head to the office or to town to run some errands. Towards the end of last year, after being encouraged by various acts of kindness from this website, I resolved to make it my mission to touch people's lives unexpectedly.  My target was the underpriviledged in society and in my country the street children were my target group. Each Saturday morning as I would go to get some milk and bread from the nearby shop, I would see how many kids there were in the vicinity and buy them milk and bread also. They would of course have no clue of this and all I would do is creep up on them and give it to them. One day, I was heading back to my bus terminus and saw this beggar on the street in a wheelchair. ... Read Full Story >>

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A Birthday Gift In Office

At my job, we work in groups that are administered by a manager.  Early last year during a brainstorming session with the group members, an idea was put forth -- to foster team spirit, let's celebrate key events in each of our lives:  birthdays, weddings and welcoming new borns!  This reminded me of our theology lecturer, Fr. Emmanuel at Strathmore University, who requested us on his first lesson for the year, to write down our birthday date so that he could offer a special prayer on the material day for each of us. A request was thus made for each of the group members to email their respective birthday dates to the appointed member who would then be the coordinator. Since then, each of the group members has had his/her birthday celebrated by all the group members and the rest of the staff in our office. On the material day, a birthday ... Read Full Story >>

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