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A Valuable Lesson Learned From My Child

I always try to encourage my children to be, think and talk positive but one day I was caught not practicing what I preach by my son. My son is 7 ½ yrs old son and he was preparing for a sketch at his school for the occasion of Mother’s day. He was playing the role of an angel. On the evening before the show, we were having a casual conversation while I was preparing dinner in the kitchen.  He asked me: “Mum, can we see angels?” As usual, I seized the opportunity to encourage him to be positive and I said: “Yes, but only those who are, think and talk good can see angels.” He responded by asking: “You must have seen them then?” I paused a few seconds. I was touched by his innocence about the fact that how he thought his mother was a perfect person. Impatiently waiting for his answer, ... Read Full Story >>

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Viewing Life From A Child's Perspective

My 4 ½ yrs old daughter is very fond of making drawings and colorings. One day she patiently drew plenty of different sizes of fish to fill up a while piece of paper and she creatively used many different colors on the fish. On seeing this and to encourage her furthermore, my mother told her:” Wow! That’s really nice and colorful. You have drawn so many fish.” She turned around and replied: “These are not fish. It’s the ocean.” Children have always had a different point of view of things. Sometimes, I wish we could all view things from a child’s perspective. For example if we are asked to draw a picture of the world, how many of us would think to represent it by putting together people from different countries with different languages, cultures and traditions? ... Read Full Story >>

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Roses for a Grieving Daughter

Last Friday I used my first smile card. I was on my way to visit a social worker who runs an NGO to help her with her website. As she was suffering from flu, I thought some flowers and a smile card would surely cheer her up. So, I picked some roses on my way. On my arrival at her place,  I offered the flowers and a smile card.  She was filled with emotions. She asked me whether there was a reason why I brought these flowers for her or it was just a coincidence. Coincidence?I felt that this act must have touched her deeply. She just lost her mum a few days back, she told me, and it was just what she needed at that moment. We never know at what moment how our act of kindness could ... Read Full Story >>

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A Valuable Lesson Learned From My Child