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Off To The Gym

My neighbor across the street has been wanting to trim down a bit and was contemplating joining the gym I go to. I offered to take her there to try it out.

She  postponed three times, then finally she agreed to go. I drove us there and introduced her to the staff and showed her around the facilities. She loved the workout and hopes to join soon.

I'm glad I finally pushed her in trying the gym out. She was so thankful for my time!!

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Bakery Brings Smiles!

Well three weeks ago my employment ended, due to the boss relocating out of state. I never really got to say good bye to some local company girls I worked with. I decided to stop at one of the best bakeries in town and personally delivered to them, brownies, cookies, and banana nut bread.

They were thrilled to see me first off, but extremely thankful for the special treats. I didn't realize how much they missed me, and it was so good to see them too.

I'm looking forward to a new opportunity in the near future. They say when one door closes another door opens. I hope so!

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A Book For My Hubby!

Well my husband loves to read. He rarely buys a new hard cover novel. He waits until they are older and on sale.

Instead of buying a book I like and giving one away, I surprised my wonderful husband with a book of his choice.

It was nice to do a kind act for my loving spouse. He is so good to so many, it's nice to realize he deserves kind acts to come his way. He was thrilled I thought of him. It was a good thing!!

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