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Long Distance Thanksgiving Kindness

I work with a warm, fun-loving woman named Heather.  This year our boss asked a group of us to join his family on Thanksgiving.  Seated around the table, Heather said something had totally changed her the day before -- like she was walking in a new direction.  I listened and watched as her eyes welled with tears. Heather deals daily with people on the telephone.  She was speaking with a Veteran and asked if he was looking forward to Thanksgiving.  She was surprised when he said no, and asked why. He had been let go from his job more than a month before and was having a tough time making ends meet.  He shared how hard it was to feel powerless to provide a Thanksgiving meal for his wife and children.  She wished him a happy holiday and good luck.  There was nothing to do but say good-bye and hang-up. But I must do ... Read Full Story >>

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