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A Little Bit of Extra Love on Valentine's Day

My church was assigned Valentine’s Day to serve a meal to homeless people.  After reading a story about giving flowers out at a meal program, I formed the idea to augment our church activity with some colorful floral life.  Building off of my intention, a fellow church member came forward to help pay for the flowers.  At the event, we fed the hungry souls until they were stuffed, and then we gave flowers to anyone who wanted one.  Our pastor even joined in to pass out flowers at the tables.

Later that day, I saw a lady with a carnation in her hand hugging the pastor, which led me to believe that the flower must have touched her in a special way.  It is great that through a simple idea on this website, we were able to bring the food serving experience to a deeper level with some flower power!

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Paying Forward Flowers

I posted a story earlier about a guy who handed out some flowers to us at the bus depot. 

Some days after that, a person at my church left a gift card for a local grocery store for me.  I don't know who left it for me. 

I ended up buying a bunch of flowers with my groceries.  I decided I would give them out.  I had troube getting the guts giving them away at the bus depot.  So, I ended up giving away three or four as I walked home from the bus depot. 

I saw an old lady looking in a window of a local restaurant and asked her if she wanted a flower.  She asked me if I was selling them.  I ask again if she wanted a flower, gave her one and walked away. 

I hope she remembers it a little. 

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