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Yeehaw! My Day!

Did the "usual" acts of kindness today. Encouraged a co-worker, left homemade caramels on co-worker's desk, advocated for a student to be placed in public school, and sent an encouraging email to a teacher who is moving to another job.

Today seemed to be MY day though! 3 boxes of books were delivered to me for my trade in project for the 4th graders and a previous director of special education read my facebook post and sent me a check for books!!! Tomorrow I have to pick up more books from 3 more people!!!!

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Paying It Caramel At A Time!

This was a really good day!! I made homemade caramels last night and took some to work for coworkers, gave some to the therapist who does such a great job here at the residential treatment center with the teenage girls, and I took some to the workers of my favorite mom and pop eatery I go to once a week to eat lunch!

All people were so appreciative! But, the coolest of all was the therapist. She wanted to know what the occasion was and I told her I was trying to practice my kindness skills!

She then said she was taking her stash of caramels I made for her to her supervision meeting to share with her fellow coworkers!! Paying it Forward one caramel at a time! I believe tonight I will finish cutting the remainder of the caramels and take them to the fire station near my house! Oh happy day!!

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