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Team Mattie

A friend's son was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.  Some of the parents at the school where he was enrolled formed a support team headed by the wife of one of the physicians on the case. E-mails were sent out asking for people to volunteer to bring meals to the hospital for them. More people volunteered than there were slots available.    A call went out to send things that might be interesting and helpful to get him to participate in his therapies (chemo and physical) and boxes arrived almost daily, including some from South America and military locations in the US and elsewhere.    His Mom started a blog about his treatment and virtually every time she described something Mattie needed, someone stepped up to help.    He fought bravely but lost the battle almost a year ago. His mom says they would not have made it though without the support of "Team Mattie," those ... Read Full Story >>

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Choosing to Share

I wanted to post this for my students who I am very proud of.

My students who come from countries where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, have created their own Thanksgiving tradition. The week before the holiday is the week of the food drive for a local food bank.

They are generous with their donations even though many of them work at minium wage jobs; they choose to share what they have with others.

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Random Acts Of Couponing Kindness

I usually go to the supermarket with coupons in hand for the items I intend to buy.

This time I took my whole collection and handed over coupons to people who were shopping and who had the right items in their basket. 

I even saw one mom who looked like she could use some help so I took my coupons for some free items, gathered up those items and gave them to her. At first she said she could not afford the items but once I explained they were free with the coupon she was very appreciative.

I know I could have used the items but she sure needed them more.

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