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A paycheck, a heartfelt gift, and all submerged in love

How would you feel if you gifted your whole month’s paycheck to a friend in need? A) Happy B) Ecstatic C) Fortunate with loads of gratitude D) Submerged in love E) All of the above The answer is E-- at least that's how she felt when she handed a small envelope to her friend. In it, contained her month's earnings as well as a note saying how much she appreciates her friendship, and this small gift is a way to show her that she is loved and cared. This lovely soul happens to be my sister. When she joined a choir, she met a woman in her early thirties, who works day and night, teaching piano and music theory to many students. This woman receives little moral support or help from her family. She is also in school to pursue her own career in music. To make ends meet, she works several jobs, all seven days of the week. ... Read Full Story >>

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Yogurt Shop Angel

I was stopped at the traffic light and a homeless man was pacing up and down along the divider. It was a scorching hot day.   'This will make him smile,' I thought, and I turned my car towards a frozen yogurt shop. I grabbed a cup and filled it with couple of flavors and came to the counter to weigh it.   I wanted to add some toppings but my change was not enough for that, so I asked the lady if she would take a $100 bill.   She said she wasn't allowed to accept a bill that large. Alright, I thought and paid for the yogurt.    As I was about to leave, she said, “Ma'am, don’t disappoint your child. Please add their favorite topping.”   I turned to her and said, “Thanks for your offer but this is not for my child. It's for the homeless man across the street.”   She smiled  with surprise and said, “Oh! ... Read Full Story >>

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