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Even A Simple Act Can Take Your Breath Away

A little over a year ago, a good friend of my mom's passed away, and it was only when I tried to reach her to let her know of my mom's passing that I was told this sad news. My mom's friend was a big part of my childhood and I remember her fondly. I hadn't spoken with her in many years, but I knew I was still her "Sunshine." My mom's friend had a sister, whom I only met as a child, but to whom I felt an instant connection. I knew immediately that I wanted to reach out to the sister. We have corresponded a few times during this last year, and her kind words and caring thoughts have brought much comfort to me in my own time of need. On September 7, 2010, the day before the first year anniversary of my mom's death, I received a card from ... Read Full Story >>

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Honoring My Mom With Acts of Kindness

My mom passed away on September 8, 2009. Throughout my grieving process, I have found that the one thing that comforts me most is showing kindness to others. I have always considered myself to be a kind person and am so very proud to honor my mom in this way. A while back, my brother gave me some "Random Act of Kindness" cards, with a special place to write my mom's name so others know that kindness is done in her loving memory. I was at a Hallmark Store recently and found some little red glass hearts and angel pocket charms that came with a small card with a special poem written on it. Even better is that Hallmark had the perfect-sized little white boxes for these special gifts to fit into! I bought bunches of these tiny gifts and left with a HUGE smile on my face. I had a ... Read Full Story >>

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