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Top 10 Stories of 2012 - Story #3 - The Gift of Acceptance

As  she was waiting for her clothes to dry, an elderly woman sat silently on the bench and mumbled to herself.  At first I thought that she may have a mental illness as she was shabbily dressed and simply sat mumbling. Her soft yet repetitve words seemed to have annoyed everyone and people sitting nearby moved away from her as many do homeless people. Some had even asked the woman on duty if she could be removed. I sat on the bench beside her and glanced over, prepared to smile...but she did not look my way. So we sat together waiting for clothes to dry and  we said not a word to each other. Yet she continued her "mumbling" that actually seemed to lull me into a quiet and peaceful place. When her clothes stopped she simply remained seated, in no rush to get them folded before they wrinkled like so many of us do. I started to wonder who ... Read Full Story >>

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