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Stuck in Line, Stuck with a Smile

Today, I stopped at the store to return a couple of things.   Sure enough, I ended up in line behind an older woman who was questioning all the pricing on her purchases and moving rather slowly. I made up my mind to think compassionately; to be patient and wait with a smile on my face. The older woman glanced at me and acknowledged that it must be heavy to keep holding all my items while waiting for her to finish checking out. I told her I was young enough to hold them all, and that I needed the exercise anyway. She commented that she was too old for exercise, but needed it. Then she turned to me and said, "I just lost my husband on the 20th." He had died of cancer, just two weeks after the doctor had told him he had about six weeks to live. She explained that they were both diagnosed ... Read Full Story >>

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The License Plate Reminder

Recently, within the past couple of weeks, on my way to work in the morning I came up behind a "stalled" van in the left-turn lane. It was just short of the stoplight by several car lengths at least. By the looks of the van's condition the owner/driver likely was not in a high income bracket, so may have been a person of limited resources. I got out to offer my help and the woman driving the van explained she was out of gas so she would need either a hand pushing the van or pay for a tow. Since it was slightly uphill to the light at a fairly busy intersection I couldn't see pushing it by hand  as a very safe option so I elected to use the little Chevy S-10 work truck I was driving to push her through the intersection and around the corner a half-block to ... Read Full Story >>

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