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Drawn To The Warmth

Factoring in the wind chill, I knew the temperature was below zero. The bitter cold cut through my Californian sensibilities, as well as my enthusiasm as a tourist, so I ducked through the nearest door for warmth... and found myself in Washington, D.C.'s Union Station. I settled onto one of the public benches with a steaming cup of coffee -- waiting for feeling to return to my fingers and toes -- and relaxed to engage in some serious people-watching. Several tables of diners spilled out into the great hall from the upscale American Restaurant, and heavenly aromas tempted me to consider an early dinner. I observed a man seated nearby and, from the longing in his eyes, realized that he, too, noticed the tantalizing food. His gaunt body, wind-chapped hands and tattered clothes nearly shouted, "Homeless, homeless!" I wondered how long it had been since he had eaten. Half expecting him to approach me ... Read Full Story >>

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A Reason To Celebrate

Numbly, I left my husband, Marty, at the hospital where I had been visiting two of my children and headed for the grocery store. Since it was eleven p.m., I drove to the only store I knew was open twenty-four hours a day. I turned my car motor off and rested my head against the seat. What a day, I thought to myself. With two of my young children in the hospital, and a third waiting at Grandma’s, I was truly spread thin. Today I had actually passed the infant CPR exam required before I could take eight-week-old Joel home from the hospital. Would I remember how to perform CPR in a moment of crisis? A cold chill ran down my spine as I debated my answer. Exhausted, I reached for my grocery list that resembled more of a scientific equation than the food for the week. For the past several days, ... Read Full Story >>

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