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A Radio for Dancing and Singing

I was conducting an auction for a non-profit to help our senior citizens in need.  There was an old battery-operated radio, never used, and an older woman came up with her friend. 

She was digging in her handbag to find 50 cents to buy a ticket and her friend asked what she would do with the radio if she won it.  I was eavesdropping because I was also curious.  She smiled and said, "I would sing and dance in my apartment." 

That really touched my heart, so when she left I found out her name and surprised her anonymously with gift cards so she could buy a radio and not have to worry about batteries.  I have never forgotten that. We take so many little things for granted!  And we can all make a difference!

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A Party and an Opportunity to be Generous

We usually have a Christmas get together right before the holidays for our friends, family and neighbors.  Instead of folks bringing gifts or food for us we usually ask for some item for someone in need.  Usually something like hats/gloves/scarves for senior citizens, food donations for a family in hard times, toys/stuffed animals for local charity.  It always is fun and everyone has a good time sharing.  This past Christmas, on the day of my party I was very sick and ended up in the hospital so sadly I had to cancel the party.  Since everyone was disappointed I decided to have it around Valentine's day instead.  We asked for adult socks for a non-profit which helps families in need, they said they have lots of children's socks but people forget the teenagers and adults.  I also asked for reading glasses for our local library so those who need glasses or forget ... Read Full Story >>

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Love Goes Round, Round, Round

About a year ago I learned to knit on a loom, which is a circular device that lets you knit without needles. The yarn goes around and around just like love we give to others. I love making baby hats using the loom and giving them away as gifts. In my free time, I volunteer at a non-profit that assists children and families in need, and I noticed that many of the clients we served were mothers-to-be or mothers with newborn babies. Most of the families we serve need a great deal of help just to get through each day. As I worked with more and more these mothers and families, it struck me: Wouldn't it be nice to share my newfound skill and make hats for these precious little babies? I have since then been donating my hats, and I always attach a small note on the bag that reads "This handcrafted keepsake is ... Read Full Story >>

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A Perfectly-Timed Car Tag

My husband and I had won a certificate for the use of a new car for a weekend. We just did not get around to using it, though. 

Today, we were at a meeting and out of the blue, my husband said we should offer it to this wonderful lady who does so much for the community.  When we stopped her and offered her the certificate, she was absolutely shocked and delighted.

She pulled us over to talk to her husband.  They are planning to go away to the mountains this weekend, but her car has bald tires. They did not know if it would survive the drive.  She told us she hadn't been sure if they should take the trip, and then we appeared. Not only did she get new tires, she got a new car, even if it is just for a few days!

It is absolutely amazing to me how this worked out with such good timing!

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Clifford the Big Red Dog and a Smile

My neighbor and friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had some minor surgery to diagnose the condition before her other surgery. We were talking and she had an incision under her arm and said how difficult it was to get comfortable. I have had pain in my arm previously (not from cancer, thank heavens) but I knew a soft stuffed animal is better than a pillow. So the other day I dropped by and gave her Butterfinger (her favorite candy that she can't eat because she is diabetic) to help her sleep and be her friend. She said it was perfect and she keeps it upstairs in her bedroom. But wait there is more: she had a mastectomy a few days ago and because of drainage, etc. she has to sleep on her back and she mentioned that she is going to sleep on the recliner in her living ... Read Full Story >>

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Little things can go a long way

In my local supermarket, there is a woman who is having brain surgery again. She had it almost a year ago and it did not help. She is terrified and sharing with me, her customer. What can I do? Brought her an Angel and some feel good books, donated items to a raffle to help some of the costs and just listened to her. I cannot imagine how scared she is, but I can care!

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Giving A Hat Filled With Hope

Recently I was flying home from vacation and sat next to a young man. He had his earphones on so I just continued to knit the baby hat I was working on that I donate to charities. He asked me what I was doing. I told him, and noticed a change in his attitude so I asked if he had a baby. He mentioned that he and his wife lost a baby boy and they were having difficulties having a family. I asked him if he would like the hat to give to his wife when he returned from his business trip. At first he said no that it should go to charity and I said there was a reason I sat next to him (my husband should have been in that seat) and that it was meant for him and to bring hope to both of them. When I finished I ... Read Full Story >>

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