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Chasing The Brighton Bus

This is a simple story. I was driving along one day when I saw a young couple running, frantically, for a bus. The bus pulled away from the stop just as they arrived!  I slowed down and noticed how upset they looked. So, I stopped and said, "Jump in! I'll overtake the bus and you can catch it at the next stop."    They looked amazed at the offer, but got into my car. We followed the bus but we just couldn't overtake far enough to ensure they would get on. It's surprising how difficult it is to overtake a bus that doesn't stop often!    After a while and some chat with my new passengers it became clear that they were new to the area. They were visiting friends and had to get another bus to the house they were going to. That's when I asked, "Where are you going, exactly," and decided to ... Read Full Story >>

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Amazing Albert

The other day I was getting into my car when I saw an old man walking up the hill. He looked tired and, as it was quite a rural area, I waited to check he was okay. 

He was fine, so I asked him where he had been. He said he'd taken a train and a bus ride just to get out. He liked getting out once a day. He was almost blind and I said how great he was and amazing to be getting out and about at his age, and so on. 
He clearly wanted to talk and we spent the next thirty minutes talking about his life, war-time effort, and even found we had a connection through a family member! We laughed so much we almost cried at times.
It cost me nothing other than thirty minutes of my time. I learnt so much and Albert enjoyed the encounter and left smiling. 
I also had a chance to thank this brave man for all he did keeping the country safe during World War Two; something he probably hadn't heard for a long long time.
Thanks, Amazing Albert ... You are an inspiration! 


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Treat Or Treat - No Trick

I spent a lovely Halloween with my family! 

We bagged up lots of treats and toys, tied ribbon around the bags and knocked on neighbours' doors. When they answered, instead of collecting treats, we gave all the children bags of treats and wished them all a good evening. 
It was a great feeling and our children learnt again that giving is so much nicer than receiving! 
What fun! And with the disguises we wore the neighbours often didn't even realize who we were! 


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