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Near The Horizon

While I was jogging one morning, I saw my friend’s father sitting alone on the roadside bench.  He was exactly opposite to the way that I was jogging, so I had to cross the road to wish him a good morning. As I approached him, he was very delighted to see me, and his warm smile made me sit next to him.   He said it was nice of me to come and chat with him.   Then he remarked, "At this stage of my life, it feels very lonely here. Anybody sharing a few heartfelt moments mean a lot to me."   This line hit me hard and I wondered: What could be that little thing that I can do to make his life different? I knew he was a painter, so I started to inquire into his latest painting experiences.  Painting is a passionate topic for him, and he started speaking loads on ... Read Full Story >>

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Conversation without Language

My friend Jenny from Germany spent some time traveling in India.  She loved the country so much that she always got pulled to it.   While there, she stayed with Leela, her friend who was Indian.  Aside from the gazes that she got as a foreigner, Jenny always had language problems.  It was so difficult for her to communicate and converse in this new environment and culture that had so many subtle differences from her own country. One day, a strange thing happened.  Along with Leela, she went to visit an orphanage.  All the children there were tiny; each one fell somewhere between the ages of fifteen days to one-and-a-half years old.   After some initial hesitation, Jenny slowly went to the kids and sat beside them.  After some time, one of the kids smiled at her. Her mind relaxed a little, and she immediately was drawn towards that child.  She slowly held ... Read Full Story >>

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A different birthday bash

We had an amazing birthday party today. Our friend who is in her early 60's has health issues and we see her fighting each day. Heavily diabetic she lost her vision, her leg was amputated and the heavy antibiotics have damaged her kidneys beyond repair so she is on dialysis 3 days a week.  In her good days she has been a dancer, singer and a happy lady. After she lost her vision and her ailments life came to a stand still. These days she has become a recluse. It was her birthday and few of her friends decided to gift her some happy moments. Ten of them gathered together with different types of foods prepared for her, somebody ferried her to her friends house where the party was to take place. She was so overwhelmed by all the love showered on her that tears of joy flowed continuously. She kept on ... Read Full Story >>

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Diwali lit hearts of gratitude in this one community

As Diwali (Festival of Lights) approaches here, I was writing a post card to an anonymous soldier expressing my gratitude when two young boys age 10-11 approached.  They were very inquisitive to know what I was doing. Explained to them and they said 'can we write too?' I said 'yes'.

From one post card it went to those 2 then 3 and then their friends and  the chain started! I had to rush to the post office to buy more post cards and then finally ended up with 50 post cards.

I was surprised when so many gratitude notes poured in from so many sides in different languages. Young, teenagers, middle aged, senior citizens and their language just spelled "Gratitude". Just feel happy and look crazy when I smile alone :)

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Giving Someone a Choice

Last evening I was strolling down a somewhat busy street. As it was afternoon time the street was not crowded. For many years I have  seen a handicapped man on his cart who does not have legs below his waist. As I was nearing him, a well dressed man just made his way from behind and reached out his hand to this man and said "Happy new year buddy." The man reluctantly reciprocated but acknowledged his wishes. This well-dressed man simply rather very casually asked the beggar "So what would you like to have?" and the beggar said, " Maybe a cheese sandwich?" This person then walked into the nearby bakery and got him some nice fresh sandwiches. The man said "Thank you" with all glow on his face and the man that offered him these sandwiches just gracefully disappeared in the crowd again. I witnessed all this from a distance and it dawned to ... Read Full Story >>

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