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A Ride for a Smile

I had to take a different route home than I usually do because of a road closure, and while I was stopped at a red light I could see a man approaching my car and talking.

I thought maybe he was asking for directions, but when I turned my radio off to hear he was asking me for a ride a bit down the road.

Being a young woman on my own, I was a bit hesitant thinking of what my friends' advice would be (to beware of my safety). However, I have found myself in this man's situation before, making a long walk and wishing I could get a quick ride from the many drivers passing by.

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to help, I let him in. It was a short ride, but he introduced himself and initiated a very pleasant conversation. I learned his bicycle broke so he has had to rely on the kindness of strangers for a few days. Hearing his gratitude and learning of others who have shared a ride really gave me a sense of wonder and lifted my mood for the rest of the day!

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Being Kind To Someone It's Hard To Be Kind To

Lately my housemate has been host to a friend and her young daughter, who has woken me up multiple times in the past week with her screams and cries. With no children of my own, I didn't think I'd have to deal with this type of alarm clock, and it has been quite frustrating.

But I know it must be hard on the child to be sleeping on a couch and not at home in her bed. So last night I practiced the Idea of the Week, "Be kind to someone who is hard to be kind to." After she had recovered from a tantrum, I invited her to help me clean up my bedroom a little.

I taught her how to fold t-shirts and thanked her for a job well done. Then we played some catch, acted out 3 Little Pigs, and I let her borrow my colored pencils to do some coloring. I'll admit she is pretty cute when engaged in more than watching My Little Pony.

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Volunteer Day

Last Friday I spent a few hours volunteering at the local science center, picking up trash and pulling weeds. The employee we helped was very appreciative, and invited us to come back anytime. Later in the day I spent a couple more hours volunteering at the homeless shelter, where I cooked spaghetti for all the people staying there and anyone who comes in off the street for a meal. I'm not used to doing physical labor, but it was a very small sacrifice for the good I was able to spread.

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A Simple Tool to Inspire: Chalk

Here are a few snaps of the chalking I did on the sidewalk down my block and in front of every driveway on my street. I wanted to leave simple, inspiring reminders for runners, bikers, and walkers to see as they go by. 

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Bike in the Rain

The other day I went for a bike ride. When I was still 10 minutes or so from my house it started to pour. As a car passed me by, I watched as a pair of hands extended out the passenger side window to form a heart. In spite of the rain, this action made me smile the rest of the way home.

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75 Balloons

Some friends and I blew up 75 balloons, wrote nice sayings directly on them or on notes attached to them by string, and passed them out on campus.

Mine said "Happy Unbirthday, any day can be your special day, even today." I gave it to a girl working at the info center, where I assume she is constantly barraged by people asking her for things - directions, keys, etc.

She was very excited to receive something, for once.

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Two Strangers Bond at a Used Book Sale

This past weekend I was at a used book sale and saw a small book that I got excited about. Another shopper, a woman I did not know told me to buy it. The book was only two dollars! She however suddenly changed her mind. She was in the process of filling a whole bag with books, which she would buy for only for fifteen dollars. The woman put the book I wanted in her bag, and then give it to me free of charge! What a wonderful surprise! 

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The Gift Of Books

This Wednesday I donated a stack of children's books to an organization which every year holds a cheap book sale and puts the proceeds toward scholarships. Next week I will spend some time sorting all the books and setting up for the sale.

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