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Always Remember To Listen

  After three months of working weekends I had my first full weekend off work and a beautiful sunny day to spend how I wanted.     I found myself awake early and decided to wander down-town, have breakfast, catch a bus to the markets, go to the beach, and just genearally relax.   I made it to the bus stop at about 8.30am and was waiting with another passenger who was dressed for business when an elderly women slowly wandered up to the bus stop. She was dressed a little eccentrically and peering around happily.     "Hello. How are you today?" she asked.    I glanced at the business man waiting at the stop thinking she may know him but found him looking at me, obviously thinking the same thing.   "I am fine thanks," I said, half turning to her while trying to see the number on the bus that was approaching. "How are you?"   "I am fine. It's ... Read Full Story >>

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The Little Lost Lady

I seem to attract elderly women, well actually my husband says I will help anyone who I think is in trouble even a person looking lost in the street with a map.   I was heading home after a long day at work.  I'd just started part time work after being away on maternity leave for a year, so I was tired and looking forward to getting home to my toddler and my husband.  Coming down the stairs into the station, I happened upon an elderly lady at the base of the stairs. She was trying to talk to people who were all heading home.  As she was speaking another language, and it was evening rush hour, no one stopped for her. I could see she was near to tears.   I approached and said "Can I help you". She turned to me, looking rather frantic, and started speaking.  Besides English, all I ... Read Full Story >>

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