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Peanut Butter In The Library

I finished my community service requirement last year by working in the school library. 

All the librarians are women over 65 and most have trouble shelving books on the upper shelves. So, I decided to work for another year to help them out because most of the volunteers from last year are not coming back. 

The librarian was so happy she bought a whole can of peanut butter cups so I can have one every week!

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Teaching Moment

Today I held a very intriguing and thought provoking Diversity Discussion with my staff members. As part of our weekly meetings we hold 20-30 minutes to talk about a diversity issue, and how it relates to our jobs.

Today's discussion was held on "Disability." It took a while for the staff to get warmed up, but after they did warm up, it was easy to tell they were engaged and ready to learn more. I was just extremely happy they received the information well and want to learn more.

My act of kindness: simply teaching others to see those that are unseen by society and how we as able bodied people can make the world a better place for them. 

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Yeehaw! My Day!

Did the "usual" acts of kindness today. Encouraged a co-worker, left homemade caramels on co-worker's desk, advocated for a student to be placed in public school, and sent an encouraging email to a teacher who is moving to another job.

Today seemed to be MY day though! 3 boxes of books were delivered to me for my trade in project for the 4th graders and a previous director of special education read my facebook post and sent me a check for books!!! Tomorrow I have to pick up more books from 3 more people!!!!

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Solving Puzzles

Almost every day, during our breaks, an older man who is my colleague closes himself off from the noise in the break room by focusing on a cryptogram puzzle in the newspaper instead.  One day I decided to help him solve the puzzle and he told me he has tinnitus. Imagine working in a busy school when you are so sensitive to noisy surroundings! I also still have a problem with busy, loud environments, so I decided to join him in solving those puzzles. Every day we sit at the crowded table, fixing today's puzzle. We are still there, in the moment and talking to the people around us, but at times we tune out and puzzle for a bit. Occasionally other colleagues start helping us with the puzzle as well. I am very grateful that my colleague, who is really struggling with his hearing, has taught me how to zone yourself out when the ... Read Full Story >>

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I Love It When It Works!

A friend had a son who committed suicide and she was returning to work for the first time after.

Apparently I met her in the parking lot and walked her in and talked of other things. Like what had been happening at work. I didn't think much of it. I was just glad she was back.

A month later she stopped me and thanked me for walking her in. Said she was afraid someone would ask her about him and she'd break down and go home.

So I had helped her out. I consider that the greatest compliment . That I got to help and I was just being me. I love it when it works! You never know what good you might do someone. so always be kind.

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Turn Around Compliment

I remember back one of the last few years at a renaissance faire. I had spent about 5 years working a booth across from a wonderful comedian and actor. His name was Moonie, he was absolutely amazing, and his skit was done using nothing but gestures and noises instead of words. I remember watching his shows and always being entertained. Even when he was having a bad day, the audience wasn't cooperating, his juggling or tight-rope skills weren't as sharp as he would have liked, he always managed to keep things fun, funny, lively, and fresh. That's a very hard thing to do considering I watched him literally do the same skits, gags, and jokes for 5 years several times a day, each weekend. When I heard it would be his last year performing at the faire, I had wanted to thank him for all the amazing shows he had done on ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by xaberoth
  • Apr 4, 2015
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A Sweet Surprise

I had to stop at the lab and have some blood work done on my way to work this morning. There is a Tim Horton's coffee shop right next to the lab so I bought a couple of boxes of Timbits (donut holes) and took them to work to share with my co-workers. It's amazing how many folks stop by to say hi when they know there are goodies on my counter top. 8-)

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Be Good Do Good

I work as a Guest Relations Manager in a hotel which is currently closed because we are only open during the summer season. The administrative departments such as accounting, management and reservation department of the hotel  work 12 months ( full time ).

For some reason, everyone at work looks really stressed and exhausted. I understand that everyone has their own problems in life, but I would like to see them smile from time to time.

So, I decided that it would be a good idea to bring them a gift as small as a banana or cake once a week. I do not make a lot of money, but the idea of bringing them a present once a week makes me really happy especially the smiling faces that I get or a warm "Thank you" is making me so grateful for the kindness that I have towards other people..

So be good do good and make people Smile.... Take care everyone ..

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  • Posted by thinkers
  • May 5, 2015
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Bowl Of Twisted Goodies

When my students came in from recess today, they all had a treat on their desks, a small bowl of pretzels, and a RAoK card to pass on and Pay It Forward. #AprilRAoK

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Common' Give Me A Smile!

Today a colleague admitted he has an operation coming up and is feeling apprehensive. I didn't have much in my treats drawer at work (I'd just given all the smiley stickers to our cleaner) but I wrapped up a few things I thought would make him smile. I got a nice laugh from him :-)

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A Position She Paid Forward

Several years ago, this lady named Lisa and I started working at a bank at the same time. We went through training together and were given part-time positions. Eventually one full-time position opened up.

We both really needed the extra income and benefits - my husband had just gotten laid off; I think she was going through a divorce but I can't remember her exact circumstances.

But when she was offered the full-time position, she told the manager that they should offer it to me first and she'd take it only if I declined. Then she told me to take it. 

I have since lost contact with her but that was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. I hadn't thought about it in years but this morning I woke up and thought of her. I hope someone else was able to show her the kindness she showed me.

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They were laboring under the sun, trying to break concrete

On a Saturday morning, I woke up, thanked God for one more day and got in the shower. My parents weren't home, but I had the responsibility of doing to my dad's job because he was not going to be able to go.

Later, I drove to the street that was under construction. There were 6 workers, all laboring under the sun, in the dirt, trying to break concrete. They started to talk about how their day was going, complaining about their quality of life, compared to my life, telling me that I was not in need of working like that. One of the workers asked me for at least a coke because they were not only thirsty, but also hungry.

I suddenly told them "I'll be back", and drove to my house but not to grab a coke. I thought about something different and better. I started to prepare  lemonade and some sandwiches for all the workers. Once I had finished I took all that I had prepared to them. I will never forget their reaction and happiness, I felt very special and satisfied.

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  • Posted by jaimearevalo
  • Oct 31, 2016
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The Difficult Woman I Found Loving-Kindness For

This week I posted I had started practicing a loving kindness meditation. I had an experience today that was so amazing I have to share. I actually saw the woman I sent loving energy to during the part of the practice where you think of someone you consider difficult and send loving kindness, as you can. Usually when I see her, I am sorry to say, I do not think well of her based on her past behavior towards myself and others. Today when I saw her it was as if I was observing her for the first time. I cannot say I was overfilled with love---but I did not have any negative thoughts or vibes! I am so grateful for this---to where I came back to my job and did a 10 minute meditation until my client was ready to be picked up. I have been struggling with the ugliest of emotions ... Read Full Story >>

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