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The Bill I Didn't Have To Pay

I don't usually check my shopping receipts but last week I checked a receipt I was given for some clothes I bought for my daughter. I noticed that even though it said £10.49 my card had only been charged £00.49. 

So, I went back to the shop and told the lady she needed to charge me another £10 because she hadn't put the whole amount through when she charged my card. 

She said she could not believe I had come back to correct the mistake. 

I just smiled and gave her a Smile card. 

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$15 and a moment of beauty

I work at a financial institution and know that there are few experiences more frustrating and difficult than not being able to withdraw the money you need from an account, especially in dire circumstances.  On this particular day, a member of our credit union came in needing to withdraw $15. Unfortunately, a transaction had just cleared that prevented access to her account and she didn't have the funds necessary to make a withdrawal. The tellers who were assisting her signed her in to speak with me, and she explained that the money she needed was to purchase medication for someone in her family. She had an adorable little boy with her, and wanting to do what I could, I told her to stay in my office while I went and looked into the matter. Outside, I went to the teller she had seen and gave her a withdrawal slip from my own account ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by Lperez
  • Sep 15, 2013
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Giving treats away at McDonalds

I was at McDonalds the other day and was trying to decide what snack to get to tide me till I rode the 2 bus home.

There was a young lady looking at the menu but just got a small soda. I decided to help and got 2 breakfast burritos for one dollar each and 2 apple pies which are 2 for a dollar. I shared a burrito and pie with her and you would have thought it was the best meal of all time.

She was happy and I was too. I was able to share a meal with someone . I told her I never like to eat alone and was happy for the company. Who knows maybe I will see her there again some day.

Found out she had lost her job and didn't have much money for food . I told her to go to my church and they would help her with some groceries to help out. So I know she will have something else to eat later on that day too. Its a blessing to help someone in need.

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Ice Cream Kindness On Our Date Night

One of my favorite things in life is my monthly date night with my daughter. We try to include some kind of Smile Card activity whenever we can. This time was no exception! It was 119 degrees today where we live so we thought we would make our kindness act something cool.  After eating we went to an ice cream shop. As we paid for our ice cream we told the woman behind the counter that we were doing a random act of kindness and we would like to buy ice cream for the next person who came to the counter. We handed her the Smile Card to give them and told her how we would like to remain anonymous.  She read it and told us she thought what we were doing was awesome. She said she would do it and we sat down at the table near the counter. My daughter wanted ... Read Full Story >>

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"Meet la Bestia, the Beast"

One of the few freight networks that still makes the rounds on Mexico's rugged countryside. Immigrants from Central and South America board the trains in an attempt to reach Mexico's northern border quickly. The trail is dangerous: the travelers face mutilation and death from falling off the train. Criminal gangs stalk the southernmost lengths of the network, stopping the trains in their tracks. The travelers are lucky if they are left alive. The few women that board the trains' roofs are raped and kidnapped. On the central and northern lengths of the trail, narcos are always prowling, ready to scare the travelers into surrendering their belongings. Some of them are forcibly recruited into the narcos' ranks as slave footsoldiers. Some are killed in cold blood, their bodies ditched into mass graves. They are chased by inmigration officers and federal police, who have been known to commit shameless acts of human rights ... Read Full Story >>

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Kindness During Half Term

This last week we had half term holidays and my niece stayed with us for the week because my nephew ( her brother) was going to have a delicate spine surgery and it was easy for the parents to concentrate on looking after him. My daughter, my neice, and I went out for some last minute shopping and while I was on the line waiting to  pay the girls asked if they could wait for me at the door. Some minutes later they return to ask if they could give the sweets  they had just bought to a man in the street, so there they go and give their sweets away, another 2 minutes and they return to ask me if there was anything else they could give the man, I told them that I only had the 3 ginger bread men they had bought for dessert, so they took the biscuits to ... Read Full Story >>

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Dubai Market

A few of us friends got together for a random acts of kindness event at a flea market in Dubai. 

We collected items from our homes, our neighbors, and our friends, which could make good gifts. Then we put up a bright and chirpy stall at the market, put all our gifts on display, and took a lot of people by surprise! 

We had a gratitude board too, where people pinned up their answers to the question, "What are you grateful for?" 

And we had a basket full of kindness ideas for people to pick up and, hopefully, put into practice!

It was a beautiful, beautiful day!

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Planting Seeds

I've learned that when you truly open your heart and try to connect with others, people will often surprise you. A few of us decided to make some sandwiches today and share them with the homeless around our neighborhood. And this is how we met Michael. Unlike your typical homeless person, Michael started a community garden on a small patch of land on the sidewalk of busy intersection. He was thrilled to show us the beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, and sunflowers that anyone is welcome to take! He said it has sprung up with the help of others who've given him seeds, plants, and soil but mostly because of the kindness of others. Michael, who can often be found playing with his dog named Red-dawg at a nearby park, has a lot to teach. Living on the streets isn't easy but he has really learned to do the most with what little he has. Planting little seeds wherever he can find the space, and watering them. :-)

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Helping Out In A Phone Call

As a customer rep for a financial account of one of US' supermarket, its a daily shift of hundred phone calls regarding their prepaid debit cards. Calls that are sometimes degrading, calls that make you cringe at how the caller speaks and calls that are just purely racist. what make it different is how my mindset is. Everyday I wake up and declare myself as a helper of my callers. I go beyond our protocols in dealing with my customers. Though phone interaction is only limited to 4 minutes 45 seconds, i strive to make it as meaningful and as uplifting for someone in need. One of my callers is panicking on how she made the wrong insurance payment that will lead to his son in college not receiving any pay outs thereby leaving him without any food for a week or two. The mom said she can live going over ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by aerarose
  • Mar 13, 2014
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Nothing Like That Had Happened To Him Before!

I went along with the Kindness Suggestion today and gave someone a surprise treat! 

I stopped at Starbucks, bought a $5 gift card and asked the barista to use it on whoever came in next. 

I was still waiting for my drink when the next customer arrived. The gentleman thanked me so much for the card and said nothing like that had ever happened to him before. He was so thankful! 

He thanked me again as I left, and said, "God bless."

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A Note in my Lunch Box

At the beginning of this week I was touched to tears, when I opened my lunch box at work. Somehow I was feeling not so good that day, it was hard for me to get up in the morning, and so on.

When I opened my lunch box at work, I saw a little piece of paper. The piece of paper was a note from my mom saying that she loves me and wished me a blessed day!

My heart was so touched, I am so thankful that God gave me a mother that notices when I am a little down. The next day I had another note! My mom made a difference in my day and I will never forget this special touch of kindness!

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  • Posted by daniela23.4
  • May 25, 2014
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I will never forget

A few years ago (when I was in college) and comically poor, I had just made up with my parents and was headed home for the first time in a few years. I'd dropped out and was working for t-mobile and made a decent life supporting myself but a few months prior to  I had a meltdown and realized I had to go back to school. I caved, called my dad, and asked for help. Before I started driving the ~9hrs home, I decided to stop at the grocery store to grab some chips, red bull, etc. It was a few days before Christmas, and I was super down on myself about how poor I was, how my parents were paying for me to head up, how I felt like such a waste, and how I felt like I'd failed to support myself. !I went in, grabbed some stuff, then realized I was ... Read Full Story >>

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Soap Story

The washrooms at university do not have soap, and a friend and I felt that this was a very unhygienic practice. So, we decided to initiate a small project where we would place hand wash in as many washrooms as we can, with little notes pasted on the washroom walls.

We went to a store and bought loads of hand wash and refills, and began placing them in the washrooms near our classrooms. We've provided an e-mail id in our little notes, and told students to inform us when the hand wash becomes empty, and we will refill them within 24 hours.

The reactions from those who are using the hand wash has been very pleasing. We decided to remain anonymous, however there is a great deal of speculation going on, and that's exciting.

It's a wonderful way to serve, and this idea emerged in my head, while attending a Moved By Love retreat recently. I am so grateful to my friend for helping me implement my idea. 

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Kindness reverted by greater kindness

It is raining very heavily and roads are flooded. I know an elderly couple who stay in a tent made of plastic sheets. The old man begs and old lady cooks from whatever he gets home. I thought about their plight and went to their tent carrying some food with me. they both gratefully accepted it.

The old lady asked me, "How did you come in such rains? Are you alright?" I was touched by her concern for me when she and her family are in such danger and facing hunger. Later my friends and I went with supplies to last them for sometime in case rain does not stop. 

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  • Posted by sahyadrian
  • Oct 22, 2014
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A Lost Sheep and a Helpful Hand

A complete stranger I had met today during a Red Cross relief operation for the recent victims of Supertyphoon Haiyan was kind enough to walk with me for about 2 km from the headquarters to the train station. I was absolutely unfamiliar with the area, really bad at following directions, and very unaccustomed to (deathly afraid!) crossing streets filled with raging buses and jeepneys, especially in the Philippines! The moment I had left the headquarters, I felt like a lost sheep in a big city, but instead of having to deal with all of that, I had a god-sent friend, a Good Samaritan who willingly delayed his lunch hour just to make sure I got to my destination safely--a companion who offered not just the gift of a friendly conversation but also his unconditional friendship. And even more, I saved money instead of paying for a cab! We parted with good wishes and hopes for ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Feb 14, 2015
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My 7 Year Old ...

My 7 year old daughter wanted to do some kind act for our mail man. So she made a thank you card, drew a picture. She also taped an organic fruit bar as a small gift. Also tagged him with a smile card. She is so excited:))seeing her smile makes me smile :)))

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Kindness Leaves Gratitude

Hello dear Kindhearts, Writing to share a couple friends made this basket of leaves this weekend, for our friends at the school in India, who need paper leaves for their Grateful Tree. Please message me if you'd like to contribute, and I'll send you my address (or school address depending where on earth you are). Want to add to our collective pile? You can use flower or leaf punches OR here are a few free downloadable printable PDF's I found online. I am not affiliated with this company, but I'm grateful they are giving these away! ~simple heart shaped leaves (pages 2 or 3 are best sizes) ~oval shaped leaves (pages 2 or 3 are best sizes) Thanks so much for your kind consideration. much love and kindness to you all <3 - See more at: ... Read Full Story >>

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Any Day is a Good day for Random Acts of Kindess

I am knitting some Christmas coasters for my fellow volunteers and paid employees at the British Heart Foundation shop, just for fun. I was hoping to finish them today but they are taking longer than I expected. I have done  three of the ten I wanted to, as I was hoping to give them out tomorrow. But any day is good for a Random Act of Kindness :) I feel shy about handing them out but I will try and be courageous as I would like them to have them. :) 

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Compliments With a Compassionate Twist

I enjoy watching the video from the compliment guys with their positive and thoughtful dispositions! Personally I am careful however about complimenting only how people look . I have a little girl in my class who always tells me I am beautiful. Which I am not! It is an automatic kind if thing she is doing. I try to tell her it is how I act towards her that is really important. I really try to get the children to accept and honor the differences in themselves and others. Throughout the year I make a big outline of each of their bodies. We give compliments like you are compassionate, thoughtful, hilarious, artistic, fun loving etc. we cover the whole area of these bodies with words.  I hope the picture hangs in each child's bedroom and fills their soul.. No matter what they hear anywhere else. The kids then make a book for ... Read Full Story >>

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Group of youth with a cause for good

I volunteer for an NGO called Robinhood army.  We are a group that collects meals from restaurants to distribute to the homeless in the area. We get together every Sunday in our spare time and the mission is simple, to serve our community! So today, we went on a drive to create awareness about our cause and convince more numbers of hotels and eateries to donate food for the homeless.

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  • Dec 28, 2015
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The joy she found in Random Acts of Kindess

In my church class we talked about the tender mercies that happen every day to ordinary people. My young women leader talked about smile cards and told us about the opportunities they give us to do simple acts of service. I took on a challenge to do 3 acts of anonymous kindness each day and leave a smile card with them. It has been so fun to think of the endless reactions the people could have when they find my acts of kindness. I have enjoyed sticking quotes in lockers, treats on desks, and many more surprises. Every time I do service it makes me smile.

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Quilted With Unconditional Kindness

I received a quilt in the mail today from an local organization that makes homemade quilts for people living with cancer. Someone requested it on my behalf, because I would never have thought to ask for myself. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is, and how touched and grateful I am for this act of unconditional kindness and generosity.

It inspires me, and I hope it will inspire you too.
The individual makers stay anonymous, and ask for nothing back.  You can, if you wish, thank the charity on its web site, and donate.  Their quilts are just beautiful, and light, and come with their own carrying case. 

I have received many kindnesses in the course of my illness, but this one really stands out for me, because it is so unconditional, and symbolizes warmth and comfort in such a concrete way. 

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Children Leading The Way

Just had to share Melvin's story! When he heard of Nepal he felt the urge to console these kids, and thought of what helps him.. his cuddly toy! So he drew a wonderful toy to make from scratch (even learned to sew!) and made 350 of these and personally delivered them to children in Nepal. 

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Carry Your Flashlight, Let Your Light Shine Bright

TJ is one of our bonus year third graders. He came to our school site last August with facial scarring, a pronounced limp, and braces on both of his legs due to a major car accident that kept him out of school for six months. TJ is presently physically limited in his abilities to navigate our school campus. Does that slow him down much...Nope! TJ has,along with his Dad, Reggie, and his paraprofessional Sue, started a Flashlight Science Club. Kids are given flashlights to check out the darkened science room, full of embalmed bugs, snake shed, antlers, petrified wood, and other treasures. Weekly as the students gather, TJ takes the microphone, and step by step shares detailed instruction on the proper use of the small flashlights. The no longer used space, aka science room is then darkened to only a single surface light above the exit, and for the next 30-45 minutes, ... Read Full Story >>

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