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A Ring More Precious Then Gold!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a ring for myself called the "tree of life" (because of the design on the ring) with the word HOPE inscribed on the inside. It is made from steel and was inexpensive but symbolized the journey of recovery from breast cancer for me. A friend at work has also been going through a courageous journey with cancer treatments for uterine cancer. I decided to share the ring with her, its meaning to me and I asked if she would like to have the same ring. We decided what size would fit and I ordered one for her as a gift. When I was able to give it to her, I told her she was strong and the steel represented her strength in beating her cancer. The tree of life and the inscription of hope inside the ring could further serve as a reminder of the positive outcome that she ... Read Full Story >>

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Helping a Friend Heal Through the Holidays

A friend of mine is struggling with Lyme disease. I'm aware that because of it, my friend has a restrictive eating plan. To help heal her immune system, I came up with an idea for an advent calendar for her to enjoy - a new seasonal tea bag every day, plus a puzzle/doodle or idea/affirmation to do or share. And I enjoyed putting it together for her - it felt good to be doing something to support her recovery :)

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  • Posted by jmccorma
  • Dec 14, 2015
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Sharing Words You Yourself Most Needed to Hear

Today I Am grateful for the opportunity to help a friend in need. It's amazing how sometimes the advice you give is the same advice you need to hear. When that happens it's as if this friend is going through hard times for a purpose, and part of that purpose is to help you grow as a person. At the same time, perhaps the challenges you've faced and the lessons you've learned have lead you to this point and put you in a position to be of service, thus giving your own trails greater purpose. 

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  • Posted by Timoteo
  • Dec 16, 2015
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Listening to the little voice within

A friend's mother recently told me how she has been going through some hard times lately. She knows I practice a feminine yoga called "tigress" and often asks about it. I told her about an upcoming trial taster class. She told me that if finances permit, she would attend.

So tonight as I was thinking about her and about Tigress yoga, I heard a voice in my head say, "Pay for her Nicole." And so I did!  

I told her I would love to pay for her class and asked her if it were ok. To which she instantly replied, "Yes!" I love a woman who can so easily and graciously receive as I was nervous asking because I don't know her too well.  

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Unexpected sharing with my housemate

 Yesterday a housemate asked if I'd join him with dinner, he just felt like cooking and sharing. So I got treated! I was just passing him in the kitchen, on my way to next door to the supermarket, and thought it would be nice to get some Tiramisu as dessert (I almost never do dessert, but hey it felt good!)We had a great conversation too; he knows I am into spiritual things, so it got interesting. He shared he liked Jason Upton and shared this amazing song called Beautiful People. 

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Small but sweet RAOK for a busy friend

My friend phoned me last night to thank me for helping her with some housework. She said her husband came home and was going to tackle the ironing pile, but saw that there were less clothes to iron, and was very happy to find some of his shirts ironed and put away. Really, it was a small thing to do for a busy friend. 

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Dog Walking Therapy

I am so grateful for the therapeutic walk with the young neighbor lady who was having a PTSD episode and texted me. I suggested we grab our dogs and head for the park, even though it was very hot. She said, ok, but said she hasn't been able to eat the last few days.  I suggested peanut butter for some protein and easy on the tummy. She was able to eat it and felt better. Then we headed out in the 90 degree sun. We met a neighbor I keep reintroducing her to, and he is starting be kinder and more accepting to her.  Then off to the park with a breeze blowing. We talked and walked. Before you know it she was feeling much better. I gave her a light up solar leash (we sometimes walk at night) with doggy bags tied to handle (she forgets these bags and neighbors get mad ... Read Full Story >>

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  • Posted by scushman
  • Jun 18, 2016
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