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A Little Girl's Instant Smile Card 'Tag'

While at a restaurant this past weekend, I asked the waitress to give a "smile package" which included some of Mindy's peace doves, some coloring pages with markers, and a small gift bag of toys to a young family who were at the table next to us. There was a little girl about 6 and a couple of younger children. The little girl was so excited and when she read the smile card message, she got right up and went over to a family who had just entered the restaurant to gave their little boy the bag of toys. As she walked away she said loudly "SMILE -- YOU'RE IT! She totally made my day!

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Touched By A Peace Dove

Eating out yesterday, the wait staff started singing happy birthday to a gal at the table near ours, as they brought her a piece of cake with a candle burning. We all joined in, and after, I handed her a peace dove (and shared about  fellow KindSpring member Mindy. and her peace dove mission). She gifted me with a beautiful smile and appreciation in return. Gave one to her friend as well, and on their way out they both stopped at our table to say thank you again. I wished her the best birthday year ever and felt that connection you share when kindness passes between you while looking in each others' eyes. ❤️

Grateful for the ease of connection Mindy's doves enable.

Thank you, Mindy, for adding so much kindness to our world. ❤️🌍❤️

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His Name is Morris

I recently had lunch with some friends at our local brewery restaurant. Each time I have visited this popular establishment, I've noticed a disheveled man always sitting at the end of the bar. His gray hair sticks out in all directions under his hat. His coat is old and worn. He never smiles or looks up.

He may be known as the town drunk, I suppose. I decided to give him a SMILE card along with a $10 bill anonymously through the bartender. He probably will spend it on more beer. But who am I to judge? I asked his name. To me that was the real act of kindness--to ask his name and put an identity on a face that most ignore. Next time I will say, "Hello, Morris, how is your day?"

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