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My Kindness Idea Won :)

--by dotrut2001, posted Mar 2, 2009

I am unbelieveable happy and thankful. My kindness idea won for Feb.

I am so looking forward to grocery shopping....stetching those dollars til' they help some families in my community.

Buying oranges for a sweet lady who loves them but never buys them, getting a young mother with cancer some extras that will be easy for her to fix.  Loading up on canned goods at Aldis for a few other folks.

Being that I was blessed with cash from kids for Valentines Day, I am going to match this $100 .

Thanks to the person or persons who donated to this site for kindness.

Going now to make several grocery lists :) One for THEM  :) and one for me,as I am baking bread and cookies to go with the store bought items. It is like Christmas all over again. Thank you for this opportunity to serve others in  such a mighty way.



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  • Posted by dotrut2001
  • Mar 2, 2009
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