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Flying As Far As An Origami Dove

--by mindyjourney, posted Mar 27, 2016

Published as part of a special insert in today's local paper about stretching boundaries was my submission about how KindSpring has encouraged me! Here is a copy of the piece:

"Since becoming an active member of the online community of KindSpring about 2 ½ years ago, I’ve discovered that there are no boundaries. I can fly as far as an origami dove -- on paper wings of Peace.

From my serene backyard arbor, I have connected thru technology with like-minded people who continue to encourage me to be my best evolving self and in doing, I am empowered in making a positive difference in my immediate surrounds as well.

My origami Peace dove ministry has grown with the help of KindSpring’s global community of friends. I’ve released over 10,000 doves and counting. I fold each dove with love and include a blessing prayer tucked in the wing (*see poem below). They’ve been set free from New Zealand to Nepal with diverse points in-between. I’ve given quite a few locally, as well as KindSpring’s signature SMILE cards (their RAOK pay-it-forward “tag”).

With the support of such a strong positive group, I continue to enjoy the freedoms that are released with each leap of faith. From writing poems (hundreds within the last few years), drawing, learning how to make youtube videos, becoming a yoga instructor (at local YMCA), meditation practice devotee, online volunteer, Awakin Call guest, encourager, craft creator…and the list keeps growing, as I do.

Each day, I can’t wait to get up and see that glory-us sunrise, with its unfolding gift of kindness opportunities. Each day is such a blessing, that when I look within, I can only see how beautifully we are all connected as ONE.

Paper dove of peace
Guide without cease,
Our journey, our road
In traveling life flowed.
Bless us with grace
Past uncertain space
With acts being kind
Most grateful we find.

May this dove always lead you in the direction of peace, my friend.

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  • Posted by mindyjourney
  • Mar 27, 2016
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