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What Goes Around....

--by dotrut2001, posted Apr 6, 2009

...indeed comes around :)

Last month my kindness idea allowed me to meet some new people in my community.When I delivered their food, I also gave each my phone number so they could keep in touch if they wanted. All of them have called me since.

Having a bad spell with the MS has left me pretty much in bed the last 2 or 3 weeks and feeling pretty much helpless.

Yesterday, the young mother I had helped showed up at my house with a casserole. While she was here, she washed my dishes and carried out my trash. The young gentleman I helped, has been here twice, just to check on me and he has no transportation so he walked the several miles.

In helping others, I have made new friends . What a blessing.


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  • Posted by dotrut2001
  • Apr 6, 2009
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