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Baby Steps To Overcome Fear

--by rajeshpmenon, posted Aug 23, 2017

My fear was related to donation of the blood. During my college years there used to be blood donation drives and I always feared donating it because I had some weird kind of thoughts. Since childhood I used to cry a lot when the nurse gave injections because blood oozes out and I can't see that. I used to hear lot of stories about how people faint after giving blood or getting infected etc and that was deep rooted in my mind. Later while working with different organizations I used to attempt to donate but as soon as I reach the venue I used to back out.

Finally it was in the year 2013 I overcame this fear. I was working in an organization and was volunteering for the Blood donation drive.In between the drive our volunteering head told that every volunteer will also have to donate. I started sweating and thought to make an excuse and skip it. But there was a ray of hope to skip because as per the process you will be examined by the doctor who will do the routine checkup and take a blood sample to verify whether all is well. Only after his confirmation you are eligible. I prayed hard and told the doctor that I had Cold some days ago etc to escape. But to my dismay all results were positive which means I have to donate. I went inside the tent and my heart beats were pumping up and laid down in the couch and closed my eyes. The technician was asking some questions which I don't recollect and he inserted the Needle in my arms and for a second I thought to run away. But somehow I pacified myself and let it happen. After around 10 mins I was told to wake up and relax. I opened up my eyes and phew I could see the happiness that I had inside me.

As of now I have donated blood to the blood banks 5 times and I feel that someone somewhere will be benefiting from my donation and maybe my blood will make him think like me and spread the love of humanity. Thanks.

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  • Posted by rajeshpmenon
  • Aug 23, 2017
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