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Everyone Can Make A Difference.

--by swan, posted Aug 26, 2017

Everyone can make a difference. One of my neighbors, a man in his 70's, very limited social skills, never married, no friends. His only job after college - 10 years in accounting - was to care for his mother and two aunts until their deaths in their 90's. He inherited their savings/goods. .

Since then he has helped neighbors giving an "extra air conditioner" to a senior without one - buying food for someone with more month than money. Over the years I noticed his hearing loss and asked him to get it checked out. He needed surgery otherwise faced total deafness. He was so grateful to me . He knows I love to cook - shows up with expensive set of Caliphon pots and pans. Saw I had no TV gives me "an extra one"he had" and a DVD player so I can watch films I love. .

One day he cried saying he was so lonely. I suggested he volunteer - meet like minded hearted people and provide support. He said he loved children. I suggested he go to the local hospital and read to sick children. He did ! He reports back often how he made a difference! A scared child asking if they can sit on his lap and others hugging and kissing him. He has somewhere to give his love and feels he is making a difference. .I feel I did too.

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  • Posted by swan
  • Aug 26, 2017
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