Stories of Kindness from Around the World

Beautiful People All Around.

--by kvpsummer, posted Aug 28, 2017

I realized from today's challenge that due to the current political climate and the number of hateful acts happening in our world, that I have sometimes begun to expect people to be uncaring and selfish. I live in a big city, with a culture of narcism due to the industry many folks here work in. I have been expecting people to be rude and self centered.

Today I went out and mindfully stopped myself from waiting for the "worst" from people and sought out the good in people. I noticed the friendly smile of the man at the checkout counter; the friends laughing at the beach; the young man and his mother holding his grandmothers arms as they strolled along together; the friends working together to adjust the umbrella in high winds; the young boy running towards his family with the most genuine glow of love on both sides in their smiles; my boyfriend making jokes and staying at the beach longer than he ever would choose to (lol) because I love it: and the stories of people helping out and working hard on the ground in Houston helping people. Beautiful people all around.

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  • Posted by kvpsummer
  • Aug 28, 2017
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