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Inspiration To-goi Started Volunteering ...

--by ashima.goyal, posted Jan 30, 2018

Inspiration TO-GO

I started volunteering at a school 2 weeks back. They wanted me to come up with ideas on how students can be involved in kindness projects in the community. After two weeks of just talking about ideas, I was feeling my hands twitching to actually do something and bring the enthusiasm of RAKs in the students and teachers by doing something for them.

Inspired by an earlier story on KS

We created this post-it wall of "Inspiration TO-GO" at the end of the day so that parents, students and teachers will see it as they come in the next morning :-). As we were writing the messages on each post-it, we felt like some messages were made just for us and we just posted them around our desk. We hope more people will find a message that will speak to them and they will take it.
We also left some blank post-its and a pen for them to add to the wall.

Happy Tuesday!

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  • Posted by ashima.goyal
  • Jan 30, 2018
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