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One Mom To Another Kindness

--by dotmatrix, posted Jan 17, 2019

On Monday Michele Vecchitto over at Go Dog Go Café invited all writers on Monday to share a link to a page on our blog. This is cool and she does this every Monday. My poet friend in Australia, Ivor, told me about it.   I started following Ivor last year. A few months ago he had a stroke and has been writing about it. He's a widower and alone, so I wanted to stay in touch. I started a Whatsapp group for (so far) two friends:  Ivor, Manuel and me. (And I only know about Whatsapp because of Horse_Friend -- thank you!) Ivor, Manuel and I are all recovering after strokes and/or injury and other illnesses. So we are the "Turbo Snails" and anyone needing a slow walking/recovery buddy is welcome. Our motto is "Simplicity + Consistency > Intensity" (Sean Anderson).  We stay in touch every day and it's been great. 

So in response the Michele's Monday invitation, I shared the link to "Missing Benjamin" with a few words about it.

Today Michele reblogged Ben's page and video on her blog of a bazillion followers:

and put it on her Facebook page:

Ivor and I both thanked her.  She wrote:
"I’m trying to help in any little way I can, one mom to another."

I'm just so grateful and had to share her kindness.


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  • Posted by dotmatrix
  • Jan 17, 2019
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