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Idea: Walking In Your Footsteps

--by dotmatrix, posted Jun 22, 2019

Thank you for the inspiration.

I had an idea for kindness that won't cost much. I was inspired by the collaboration this past two weeks of Mindy and Rajni. Mindy gives out doves, and today Rajni posted a video about making paper butterflies. I immediately thought, "I could do that!" I used to make decorative fans in a similar way. I still have my craft bag and wallpaper sample books, dried flowers and hot glue guns! =) I even had a name for my business that never quite got off the ground: "Fanfare"

So, I also read that Rajni gives out something called "quote cards." I'm guessing these are inspirational quotes printed on paper or cardboard, right? Well - cool. I have a ton of those through under1000skies.

Then I thought, "I can also make special ones that lead to inspirational stories." I was thinking of Mia's story about helping the man with the orange turban:  We Belong to Each Other - A Love Story. That really touched my heart. I love the quote she shared too. So on one side of the quote card would be the quote and on the other the URL to the story. These graphics+quotes could even be a page on under1000skies called "Free Quote Cards" - or something. 

Looking forward to more opportunities to be like Rajni (quote cards) and Mindy (doves and a million other things) and Mish (kitty helper, hug creator, etc. ∞) and (so many other people here). Basically, as opportunities present themselves.

The quote above is a sample graphic that I want to use with Mia's story and quote "we belong to each other." This beautiful photo is by "Skeeze" from Pixabay Photographer Volunteers.

PS For more Pay-It-Forward ideas and graphics to share and/or receive (free), check out my Simbi page:  Buttons for Benjamin:  365 Small Acts of Kindness 

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  • Posted by dotmatrix
  • Jun 22, 2019
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