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Crystal Palace

--by dotmatrix, posted Jul 4, 2019

“I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.” –Simone de Beauvoir

To all celebrating, happy Independence Day! 

Today on a post, a friend shared a metaphor about independence. She said that our journey together toward physical excellence (in this particular group) is also a search for independence. Her metaphor really inspired me at 7:30 this morning to dig deep.

If I were a country, it would be a country engaged in a bloody civil war that began only a few years after it was founded. Its early advisors were flawed, shortsighted or malicious. No military or police patrolled the borders, so it was plundered for its riches, even to the depths of the crystal palace’s secret treasure rooms. The assault was devastating. For a time, the people felt abandoned and lost hope.

Yet, even after all this time, this country’s rivers still flow. Every day the sun shines above it, even during the darkest storms. Its people, the heart of this country, are brave. They want nothing more than peace, safety, freedom, and love — for everyone.

Their country needs rebuilding, but its people will never give up until they achieve their dream. Now, no matter what hostile forces approach from without, or how deep the corruption from within, the brave people will face it. Their “weapons” are knowledge, respect for all, and a deep love that grows every day for their beloved country and for the world around them. For years they merely survived. Now, their borders are open but secure. Their advisors are patient, loving and wise. They are ready for freedom. They are ready to thrive.

Today, no matter where you live, I challenge you, dear reader and writer, to describe yourself as a country. Write a poem or a story about your history, advisors, plans, policies, resources, and most of all your people (your heart). How has your country grown and changed over the years? How did you go about finding new advisors? What were your early years like after your country was founded? Who are your allies? Ah, that’s one I didn’t think of until now.

Thinking about it now, you are my ally. Anyone on a journey toward truth and freedom is my ally. I’m grateful for your unique insights. Whenever I get the time to listen deeply to what you have to say, I learn something or feel inspired or uplifted. Thank you.

If you accept this challenge, please share your story link in comments so I can read it.

♥. nf

Feature photo, Crystal Palace, Madrid by Sergio Casillas, Pixabay
Originally posted here:  Crystal Palace

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  • Posted by dotmatrix
  • Jul 4, 2019
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